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RFK Might Not Get the World Cup, But At Least It’ll Get a World Class Skate Park

Freshly announced from the freshly re-branded Events D.C.: Maloof Money Cup, which is a big skateboarding competition with lots of money up for grabs, will be building a 15,000-square-foot skate park on the huge parking lot at RFK Festival Grounds for its use this year and in the future. But instead of tearing it down when the whole thing is over, the park will stay, becoming the city's biggest playground for skater dudes and ladies. And there's more! The park's design will be "inspired by Freedom Plaza and the buildings up and down Pennsylvania Avenue." (I'm not sure Freedom Plaza itself is particularly inspirational, but anything's better than a parking lot).

I don't yet know what the financial arrangement is, but in New York City, Joe Maloof—owner of the Sacramento Kings and the Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas—funded a $1.15 million park and even kicked in money to maintain it over three years. There's another in South Africa designed to reflect the historic Kimberley Diamond Mine.

D.C.'s competition is set for September 3rd and 4th, so I imagine they'll have to start construction soon; I'll get renderings when they're available.

UPDATE, 1:30 p.m. – I added a rendering. Also, as for funding, Events D.C. will be paying for grounds preparation, while Maloof will take care of park construction.

  • Christine

    Too bad we can't turn Freedom Plaza into a skate park. It would be bound to generate more activity than it does now. :-)

  • Lydia DePillis


  • drez


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  • Will

    I'm in the camp that says "anything is better than a parking lot that sits unused 95% of the time" at RFK, but this is sort of a perplexing location for a permanent skatepark. There's very little connectivity to the rest of the city. My hope is that the skaters embrace it and bring a little more activity to this oft forgotten pocket of DC.

  • Hillman

    I think 'inspired by Freedom Plaza' they mean innocent park users are subject to mass arrest by DC Police for literally being in the wrong place at the wrong time, costing taxpayers millions of dollars in court settlements.

  • anon

    The best comparator is the Maloof Cup in NYC in Queens. It's also easily accessibly by public transit and it became an instant skating mecca. The Maloof Cup is the real deal. It attracts a lot of underground street skaters who don't work the same Vans/XGames circuits. It will definitely attract skaters.

    This is a perfect use for this land, as it can accomodate both the skate park and the temporary crowd seating. It's also an underutilized space with limited adaptive reuse potential sans intervention from Congress (it's Federal land designated for stadiums/parks only)

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