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A Whole 14th Street Block Transformed

Some time ago, George's Carryout left its longtime digs on 14th Street below Florida Avenue, leaving room for crazy Brightest Young Things art parties. And this morning, U Street Girl noticed that Mercadito Ramos had picked up stakes as well. Tenants leaving the same building in a good location can only mean one thing: Someone's bought the property, and has bigger plans for it.

Sure enough, 14th and R Street LLC secured title to 2213 – 2217 14th Street NW in early March (property records show that they bought the building for $4.7 million in 2003, but a recent quitclaim deed made some technical corrections). The mailing address is Dupont Italian Kitchen, and part owner Michael Askarinam—also the guy behind a new Tex-Mex restaurant across the street, along with his brother—confirms that they're signing leases with new retail tenants this week. After some renovation, but not wholesale demolition, the second and third floors will become offices.

Sandwiched between 14W and Douglas Development's upcoming 2221 14th Street project, that's block's going to look quite a bit different a year from now.

  • U Street resident

    Over the past 20 years 14th Street has been quietly undergoing one of the most radical redevelopments in the District.

    Here's a 1996 profile of U Street, featuring a young George Stephanopoulos:

    The jazzy party scene depicted here didn't take notice of the dilapidated state of 14th St. itself. Now, the last remnants are being developed away.

  • Dianna Reed

    With DC Zoning working to rid the city of many unhealthy "carry outs" with its well enforced new "eating stablishment" policies, we will have more sit-down restaurants; While, have seating, actual silverware and dishwashers on the premises may not ensure great food will be served its definitely a good start at providing more food options to many neighborhoods.

    As a previous zoning engineer for the city I can attest to the lengths that the Zoning Commission and the Office of the Zoning Administrator has gone to ensure better services and better facilities. I'm happy to see U St. getting better and better!

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