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The Audacity of Parking Enforcement

A tipster sent me (and Department of Public Works director Bill Howland) this shot of a shockingly illegal parking job at by...a parking enforcement vehicle. Especially odd, considering what the photographer says were abundant spaces available in the lot, a McDonalds on Georgia Avenue and Peabody Street NW. Can you ticket the ticketer?

  • JG

    As someone who has a disabled mother who is relegated to a power chair to get around, this is beyond offensive. The painted-off space has a purpose: to provide a safe and navigable space for her and others to get in and out of vehicles, as well as to provide plenty of space for a vehicle's ramp to deploy so they can get in and out of the vehicle. I hope the enforcement officer responsible is held accountable.

  • Mrs. D

    I have about 400,000 similar pictures from the Giant on RIA, though not of parking enforcement (though some are of police cars!). I have tried time and again to get this particular offense addressed, to no avail. I kinda wish that I knew someone with a lift to go harass these lay bastards on the regular, parking enforcement, police, or average joe.

  • http://urbanplacesandspaces.blogspot.com Richard Layman

    bad, but it's on private property, where DPW doesn't have authority to ticket, or does it?, because it is a handicapped parking space. Police maybe?

  • Happens all the time

    Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen a parking enforcement car parked legally.

  • Cap City Records Panhandler


    & the police station is right across the street!

  • Tedder

    also blocking the handicapped ramp. insane!

    also send to:

    george.carr@dc.gov - head of DPW parking enforcement.
    keith.cross@dc.gov - DPW parking enforcement.

  • ah

    @JG - That space appears to be a "crosswalk" not extra space specifically for unloading the vehicles. Of course, that makes it even worse, not better, because the car has blocked the wheelchair ramp coming from the street as well.

  • Sigmagrrl

    I'm SICK of their hypocrisy! Parking enforcement AND cops. All act above the law!!

  • Devoe

    @ ah - This space is necessary for a wheelchair bound individual to exit a vehicle parked in either handicapped spot. It may also be part of a crosswalk, but if you have ever operated a power-ramp you would immediately realize that without this space it would be impossible for a wheelchair bound individual to exit either parking space.

  • Isaiah Toney

    Who Tickets the Ticketer?

  • The Guy Who Took the Picture

    @Tedder - Done. Thanks for the tip on the emails. I've encouraged them to comment.

    @ah - You are right, it is a crosswalk, and it does block the handicap ramp from the sidewalk. But, JG's point is most valid and concerning. My cousin has spina bifida which rendered him paraplegic. He can drive, as his car is outfitted with hand peddles and his collapsible wheelchair goes behind the front seat. Due to this DC Parking Enforcement Officer's actions, he would be unable to easily and safely park his vehicle in the handicap parking area for which he has a permit. This woman's actions made neither one of the clearly marked handicap parking spaces safely available for the very people they were designed for.

    And why? So she could be 15 feet closer to her egg mcmuffin and coffee.


  • crazeevw

    If I saw this, I would've gone inside, gotten the manager and gotten the car TOWED!