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Morning Links: Iterations

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Usual suspects at the D.C. tax sale. [WBJ]

Five lives of the Old Patent Office. [SmithsonianMag]

Chunk of Kelsey Gardens will make it, who knows about the rest. [DCMud]

Private sector could offset loss of government jobs in D.C. area. [Examiner]

Why Hyattsville town center didn't make it. [Post]

The youths! They are employed! [Post]

Today on the market: Perfect for commuting.


  • danmac

    the tax delinquencies sale raises the perennial question
    How does the Jemal Organization manage to participate in DC Government projects when it so obviously violates the DC clean hands policy
    From the DC OTR website
    The Clean Hands Law (DC Official Code §§47-2861 through 47-2866) provides that an applicant for a license or permit cannot owe more than $100 to the District government. If an applicant for a license or permit has failed to file District tax returns, they are also subject to the Clean Hands Law and will be denied the license or permit. A Clean Hands certification form is required to be submitted with any application for a license or permit in the District of Columbia, including a Basic Business License.