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Valor Picks Up Faith Bible Church

Is that the first time Capital Bikeshare has made it into a rendering? (PGN Architects)

I mentioned this before, but a few more details: Capitol Hill broker Topher Cushman tells me Faith Bible Church at 1350 Maryland Avenue NE is under contract with Valor Development for "about $2 million," which is about 30 percent off the asking price. Valor, the group behind several other mid-size D.C. projects including the former Italian Embassy, plans a 49-unit condo building with no retail called "The Maia," starting in Spring 2012.


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    hard to tell from the illustration, but how many parcels is this going to swallow up? looks like the church and the rowhouse next to it are going to be demolished, but what about properties along 14th street?

  2. Amanda brookefield
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    Thank you very much for the article: My cross

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    they want to put THAT building where the church is? AMAZING. the growth of this area is gangbusters.

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    I work in church furniture but came across a great article relating to a Church having a vision for construction which I believes applies here. Here is the link:

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    Looks very promising. Too bad about the lack of retail, though. Ground floor retail is what makes a neighborhood. Sure, you've got H St very close by, but at some point soon retail rents on H are going to drive out things like dry cleaners and other neighborhood amenities.

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    Thank you Hillman, My sentiments exactly...this parcel is zoned mixed use, and while it is currently sitting vacant, it has served the community in the past and should continue to do so in the future. I wish there was a transparent process to voice these concerns prior to projects like this getting rubber stamped. A small grocery, laundromat, dry cleaner, bagel shop? Such a waste of such a beautiful building, I was hoping it would have been re-purposed:(

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    Underground parking? Or are they just planning to replace replace two or three houses with the street parking demand of twenty houses?

  9. Concerned Christian

    they could sell the units at a higher price with ground floor retail, no?

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    I'd guess that those ground floor windows are storefronts and not somebody's apartment.

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