Housing Complex

Morning Links: Who Gets What

Foreclosures aren't just for small investors anymore. [WSJ]

Greyhound bus terminal to become office buildings. [WBJ]

Cutting "waste" requires cutting people, which is hard to do productively. [GGW]

Meanwhile, Metro workers get a raise. [TBD]

Oh look, it's a new real estate website. [HomesDatabase]

New life for the Grimke School. [WBJ]

Meditation on the MLK Memorial. [Archpaper]

I told you Walter Reed was moving fast, right? [CityBizList]

You can still donate your historic facade easement. [GeorgetownMetropolitan]

Robert Wone house keeps gaining value. [Borderstan]

Who will pay to restore the Carter G. Woodson home? [GGW]

DDOT thinks it knows the best places to connect from east to west. [DCentric]

But are they paying attention to where people actually go? [FairfaxVillage]

Today on the market: HUD wants to sell you a house.

  • Bob

    The MLK memorial is important and long overdue. But I have never liked the design. Anyone who has traveled in the former Soviet Union and other (once or still) Coummunist countries will immediately recognize the massive heroic scuptural sytle, which feels very out of place here. Not surprising, considering that much of the memorial was outsourced to the "People's Republic" of China! Very unfortunate.

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