Housing Complex

Morning Links: Endgames

Fannie too broke to run homeless walk on the Mall? [HuffPost via Patch]

Deck over Maryland Avenue SW? [SWLQTC]

Donatelli selling the Griffin and the Ellington. [DCMud]

Heyman selling piece of L'Enfant Plaza. [WBJ]

I'm surprised a corner parking lot survived on Grace Street this long. [GeorgetownMetropolitan]

Imagine the bridges! [GGW]

Emergency rental, utility assistance has run out (for now) [DCFPI]

Considering transportation, city living looks more affordable. [GGW]

Today on the market: Thrilling the cooks.

  • http://Georgetownmetropolitan.com Topher

    I don't want to surprise you even more, but there's another corner parking lot at the other end of Grace.

  • SL

    Correction - the article states that Donatelli is selling The Griffin, a newly constructed (and still vacant) Petworth building one block north of Park Place (which isn't being sold).

  • Lydia DePillis

    @Topher - Damn.

    @SL - Thankyou, fixed.