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Morning Links: Disparity

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Today on the market: Sub-$100K in Deanwood.

  • Hillman

    DC trash pickup and recycling is terrible. We put cans out on the street as instructed, in city-mandated cans that are open to anyone, and everybody from commuters coming in to bums on the street go through the trash.

    I live on the Hill, and I routinely see commuters and tourists open up our trash bins and put their soda cans and such in.

    How exactly are we homeowners supposed to stop that?

    It's ridiculous to hold homeowners and businesses responsible for trash that anyone on the street can go through and alter. Especially if you're going to fine them for a single aluminum can.

    And those of us that do separate recyclables are routinely punished for it, as the recycle crews arbitrarily just dump out things they don't want to take, even if those items are clearly recyclable according to DC's own standards. I've had them refuse to take cardboard boxes because when broken down they were more than four inches thick.