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Morning Links: Reassurance

This bridge is a cyclist deathtrap. [CHotR]

This Terry Bellamy profile won't reassure transportation geeks. [Post]

The Post discovers black gentrification. [Post]

Who gets more bikeshare stations. [DCist]

Now that's novel: Bidding on rent? [PoP]

The latest on the Hine School. [THIH]

What could be done with L'Enfant Plaza. [GGW]

New guy for the Mt. Vernon CID. [TheTriangle]

Today on the market: Go no further!

  • er

    bidding on rent is not novel here in dc.
    just before the last real estate bubble, rents became sky high in dc. the competition for apartments was insane and rents were routinely bid on.

  • Bob

    Buried in the Post's article on black gentrification was this:

    "One “For Sale” sign in historic Anacostia is scrawled with the words, “No Whites,” which, Hopkins says, “only means residents fear being pushed out of their homes,” by, yes, the g-word again."

    Can you imagine what would happen if someone scrawled the words "No Blacks" on a For Sale sign in Georgetown or Spring Valley. OMG! All hell would break loose. Every politician in town, starting with Marion Barry, would be beating a path over there. There would be marches, protests. There would be calls to swiftly investigate a hate crime. Yet this, yes, racist graffiti in SE gets barely a shrug, and is seemingly accepted as legitimate expression.

    Woudn't it be nice if the "old Gray May'r" called a press conference and showed up to denounce this sentiment as having no place in "One City"?? But he won't.

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