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Evans Picks 14th Street for 2012 HQ

1402 14th Street, Evans Ground Zero. (Lydia DePillis)

The red-and-white Jack Evans sign that appeared recently in the window of the Abdo Development showroom on 14th and Rhode Island Avenue NW isn't (necessarily) an expression of support for the Councilmember's 2012 reelection campaign. Evans will be renting the space for his base of operations heading into the April primary—at market rate, according to a reliable source.

That's a switch from last time around, when he went with a vacant Douglas Development space across from the Convention Center. Fourteenth Street is certainly the hip, with-it, longest-serving-councilmember place to be. And maybe landlord Jim Abdo will be kind enough to remove his website address from the front of the building, at least until it's essentially vacant again.

  • Dubster

    sweet spot. evans will take it again in 2012. we need voices of reason like his in the midst of the insanity at the wilson bldg!

  • drez

    Glad to know he's not in a Jemal building again. Shady developers who don't pay their taxes send the wrong message.