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Hoagie House Owner Gets A Pass

A woeful corner! (Lydia DePillis)

Hoagie House: The red building on the corner of 4th and N Street NW in Shaw that's been vacant and boarded up as long as most people can remember. Finally, the top tax rate for blighted property taxes is kicking in, and the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission is supporting the owner's bid for a break on the bills, figuring that's the only way they'll finally get it developed.

After buying the property for $620,000 back in 2004, ONE Ministries LLC wanted to renovate it for their K-12 after school programs. After getting plans approved, they couldn't get financing to finish the job, letting the building languish. It was even a finalist for ABC's Extreme Home Makeover, but the T.V. show wanted to do more to the building than historic preservation restrictions would allow. Now, they own ten percent of the building's current value—$1.026 million—which is way beyond the reach of the faith-based non-profit to pay.

You might argue that the organization should just sell the building and make a $400,000 profit. But ANC 6C decided they were making a good faith effort to get it developed, and will support their appeal to the Office of Tax and Revenue for a six month break from the blighted rate, with an option to extend if there's progress.

So in a year, maybe, we might see some movement.

  • Drez

    1 mil for a shell at 4th and N?
    $800k tops. And only if it's commercial.

  • T


    It's a huge lot, going way down 4th behind the building.

  • http://www.flickr.com/photos/mr_t_in_dc/ Mr T in DC

    "You might argue that the organization should just sell the building and make a $400,000 profit."
    Ey thoughts exactly! The maximum vacant property tax rate is supposed to put pressure on deadbeat owners to fish or cut bait. Let it go into effect and bring about the intended result.

  • keisha kole
  • anon

    ABC wanted to demolish the building. Current owner wants to demolish the building. Current owner will never develop this site. ANC got rooked. Just sell it and buy something bigger a couple blocks to the north: same neighborhood, but outside the historic district.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    demolition by neglect. count on it.

  • DCCommish

    No way ANC 6C has made a major error in judgement. This building needs rehab and the first one with the cash wins. Faith based or not we have seen what Shilo Bapist has done, let's not let another faith based owner do the same thing. Slap the tax and they will sell sell sell. There are plenty of organizations, builders who have funds and grants to turn this around.

  • anon2

    I live about a block from this place -- our ANC Commissioner and neighborhood association president attended to oppose the exemption. I also wrote a letter (couldn't attend in person). It is unbelievable they were allowed an exemption -- the building hasn't been touched in years. I'll be watching this one closely -- DC Commish is certainly onto the right line of questioning.