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Guns Could Soon Be Sold At Police Stations

You might be able to buy guns here soon.

For several months now, it's been even harder to purchase a gun in the District than our draconian regulations allow. Make that impossible: The one guy licensed to sell guns in the District, Charles Sykes, lost his lease and is no longer able to operate.

That could be a problem for the District, legally speaking. In May, gun owner Michelle Lane and the Second Amendment Foundation filed a case in U.S. District Court alleging that D.C.'s effective prohibition on registering new guns violates her right to bear arms. Meanwhile, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee is ticked off about it too.

Yesterday, Mayor Vince Gray said he wasn't comfortable having any D.C. government agency handling gun sales, but he might allow them to lease space in government buildings. And tonight, the Zoning Commission will take preliminary action on an emergency zoning change that would allow just that: Firearm sales within a "District law enforcement or licensing agency," which would mean police stations as well as 300 Indiana Ave. NW, where registrations are currently processed.

There will apparently be a public hearing, but on an accelerated schedule, given that the District may be breaking the law every day that guns sales aren't possible (and Walmart, which Police Chief Cathy Lanier thinks should be the ones to sell guns, won't be open for at least another year).

The Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice had this as a rationale for the change:

There is an immediate need to preserve the safety and welfare of District residents by providing access to a District owned or controlled location for the operation of a federal firearm licensee, so that the District's residents will have a reliable means to complete out of state handgun purchases and thereby register handguns for use in self defense within their homes.

Somehow, easier access to handguns doesn't make me feel more safe.

  • http://twitter.com/elcolin Colin

    Speak for yourself. When I go to visit my family in Colorado where you can get a concealed weapons permit and guns pretty easily I feel a lot safer than walking around my apartment in Columbia Heights.

    Under the current system only the criminals have guns. Knowing that more law-abiding citizens are walking around armed makes me feel a lot safer.

  • Nice Marmot

    OK Colin, just as long as you're the one around during crossfire and not me, I'm cool with it. Just wait until "law abiding citizens" in DC discover the lucrative business of straw purchases.

  • Typical DC BS

    Yeah, the whole SE quadrant of DC is SOOOOO safe since they've outlawed gun sales to law abiding citizens, isn't it?

  • keisha kole
  • Going Bust

    Congress (or any federal court) should step in and make it so a US Citizen can buy a guy anywhere in the US. The restriction that you have to buy a gun in your state has overlived its usefulness now that we have Instacheck. If you allow citizens to buy guns anywhere, that short-circuits city rules that infringe on that right. And that would be a good thing.

  • Bang Bang

    Growing up a gun owner in a rural state, I never understood people who concealed carry. I didn't know a single person who had ever even been a victim of a crime. I loved guns, but didn't ever once feel unsafe anywhere.

    Since moving to DC, and having a number of friends mugged, or even just attacked apparently for kicks, I completely understand, and will be first in line if they ever allow concealed carry. As it is, having had a breakin in the middle of the day before, I now keep a loaded handgun in a quick access safe.

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