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Ben’s to the Suburbs?

Looking for more space. (BensChiliBowl.com)

Since announcing last spring that they were looking for franchise opportunities, Ben's Chili Bowl hasn't found any actual locations. So it made sense when I heard that the owners, Kamal and Nizam Ali, had maybe-sorta pinned down a spot on H Street NE—who wouldn't want to be there? Of course, Kamal says they haven't signed any leases yet, and they're just as interested in a few other locations, not all of them in the District. Along with Capitol Hill and Dupont Circle, the Alis are eyeing Prince George's County and Springfield and Clarendon in Virginia. All of which, I suppose, could really use some late-night half-smokes.

  • anon

    Claredon? Seriously? Keep some street cred, Ben's. At least move to a diverse urban-suburb like downtown Silver Spring or Wheaton.

  • Bob See

    orpheus went to clarenden why not bens?

  • Tang and Snap

    "Street cred?" How much street cred do you think exists at Nationals Ballpark? Clarendon's demographics might not satisfy your myopic view of DC in the new millenium, but it's got a thriving night life and LOTS of young people from all sorts of backgrounds. If the Alis are as good a businessmen as I think they are, they'll follow the money. Open in Clarendon!

  • er

    i think ben's lost it's "street cred" when the first tour bus from kansas pulled up in front of it.

    what's with the font?

  • Nise

    Yes, VA would be wise and very $$$$$$.

  • Roger

    @ Tang and Snap: since when does Clarendon have "lots of young people from all sorts of backgrounds?" What reality are you living in? Clarendon is probably one of the least diverse and interesting places in the entire metro region. That's not to say it wouldn't be profitable. Just don't pretend it's something it's not.

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