Housing Complex

News Bits: 14th Street, H Street, Bloomingdale

Popular: Triangle-shaped living rooms. (Lydia DePillis)

  • FLATIRON SELLING FAST: Only a week after it formally went on the market, half of the eight condos in Bloomingdale's Flatiron building are gone! Guess oddly-shaped units are popular these days. (O.K., having Rustik across the street is a selling point too).
  • MORE OFFICES IN LOGAN CIRCLE: 1525 14th Street NW, which the Historic Preservation Review Board okayed last fall, now has a sign up on the parking lot where it's supposed to rise with the marketing website. Not as exciting as the first idea for the facade, but some good-looking office space nonetheless.
  • MARYLAND AVENUE CHURCH SNAPPED UP: Remember Faith Bible Church at 1350 Maryland Avenue NE, which had such great potential? It's finally sold, and is slated for retail on the ground floor with residential units on top, designed by PGN Architects—the beginnings of a happy ending.
  • Rafael

    I can say for fact they have only 1 unit left, on the first floor, 1 bedroom/1 bathroom for $239,900. I know because I called them (was interested in one of their units) and he told me they only had 1 unit left. The unit I was interested in was put on the market on the 7th, and it was bought in 4 days. Unreal.

  • Mrs. D

    RE: the Flatiron. Despite the oddly-shaped rooms, the square footage looks good and you're dead-on about the location. I'd probably take a serious look if I were in the market.

  • Rafael

    It's a wise investment for sure.

  • Rafael

    Update from my realtor on 7/12/2011: all units are gone.

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