Housing Complex

I Walk The Lane

In this week's column, Housing Complex looks at the issues surrounding a tricky service lane on Connecticut Avenue NW between Ordway and Macomb streets in Cleveland Park. To see just how dicey the narrow sidewalk can be for a pedestrian, we walked the length of the lane with a video camera in tow.

As you can see from the footage, our cameraman had to step into the lane three times to circumvent a crowded route without breaking his pace. We also see a bicyclist's close call, and notice how quickly stollers and shopping carts become obstacles. Is it enough to reclaim the space for walkers?

Shot and edited by Matt Bevilacqua

  • DCCommish

    Are you kidding me! Get a grip and complain about real issues. It's not a narrow sidewalk for the area it is in whihc is separate from the real roadway on CT Ave. GET REAL!

  • Bob See

    Been that way forever. Stepping into the service lane is par for the course. Why has this become an issue all of a sudden? Change for change's sake is not a good way to spend ddot money.

    Then again, a neighborhood as self-important as CP will push it, because like all other neighborhoods, they're the center of the universe.

  • Frazier

    OMG!! What kind of world do we live in where someone has to "gasp" break his pace?

    ARGH!! Surely the End of Days is here! How can anyone possibly expect anyone to "break their pace", or give way momentarily to a larger crowd?

  • tb

    agree with above; unique space all must adjust