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D.C. Business Groups: We are Relevant!

After my profile of the D.C. Fiscal Policy institute, in which Councilmember Jack Evans dissed business groups for their "woeful" analysis and outreach, the D.C. Chamber of Commerce, Federal City Council, and Greater Washington Board of Trade saw fit to have their top executives sign a letter insisting that they do, in fact, influence policy. (Too bad they didn't see fit to tell me that when I asked for a response to Evans' comments well before the article ran). For what it's worth:
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  • Skipper

    Not to lazy business hacks: When you have to issue a press release declaring that you're relevant, you've got a big, big problem on your hands.

    Suggestion: Discover what social media is and make use of it, rather than trying to do back-room deals. Otherwise, you're going to keep getting your asses kicked by Lazere & Co's bleeding hearts crew.

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