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New Zoning Commission Nominee Has Heavy Duty Housing Experience

Mayor Vince Gray is making good on his promise to rebalance the composition of the Zoning Commission from developer types to community types. After re-nominating chairman Anthony Hood, he's picked a former top official with AFL-CIO's development arm to fill small-time developer Greg Selfridge's spot. Nominee Marcie Cohen spent nearly two decades financing affordable housing with the union's Housing Investment Trust. Before that, she worked at the federal department of Housing and Urban Development reviewing grants for commercial and industrial projects. Suffice it to say, she would seem to know her shit. (And will also be a welcome female influence on what's been an all-male panel for a little while now).

Full resume here.

  • http://marketurbanism.com Stephen Smith

    Ooh, exciting! Rent control (er, sorry, "affordable housing") and Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac have already done so much good for urban economies across the country, so it's good to see someone so dedicated to these programs in DC.

    And as for Gray, he has been looking a little lonely recently – adding warm bodies to the single-issue rent control bloc will do wonders for his self-esteem (not to mention reelection chances).

  • RT

    Another horrible, NIMBY pick. Gray really does suck. Next thing he will get anti-alcohol types back on the ABRA board and make it nearly impossible to open bars again without being extorted by NIMBYs.

    Please note that the "developer types" were actually moving this city forward. She's likely going to want to convert market rate development into 100% affordable.

    Williams and Fenty were successful because they embraced the new "third way" liberalism that is now common in most successful cities (NYC)- that is, pro-business, pro-growth liberalism. Not the antique brand (Vince Gray, Mendelson, Cheh) of liberalism that from the 70's that in many ways helped exacerabate urban decline.

  • deedle

    Quite a resume, but if she's not a member of Fenty's Triathlete club, she's not qualified, right?

  • Drez

    My only comment is that she seems overqualified. That, and that regardless of which side of the table she sat on she's been a developer for most of her gigs, so far as I can see.

  • Hillman

    Saying that we don't have adequate affordable housing in DC is simply not true.

    What we don't have is enough safe neighborhoods.

    Big difference.

    I can find you tons of relatively affordable housing in DC (and in nearby burbs).

    It's just that much of it is in high crime areas.

    But instead of tackling that reality we complain about 'affordable housing shortages', which don't exist.