Housing Complex

Relayed Without Comment

This sign on the back of Asylum protesting the proposed Adams Morgan hotel might only be visible from the Washington City Paper parking deck, which may mean that I'm taking some seriously cynical bait by posting it, but I'm of the mind that creative protest deserves recognition.

  • http://marketurbanism.com Stephen Smith

    Oh man, and it really would be a shame if that beautifully restored back porch area was shrouded in shadows!

  • Bob See

    Future shadow, present doublewide.

  • D

    Too bad that Asylum has joined the shrill "Devil's Tower" crowd. Nimby move for a bar, especially given that most neighbors seem to support the hotel.

  • J

    Ive already heard through the grapevine that a chain restaurant / bar will be in the hotel. Get ready Admo for McCormicks, Ruby Tuesday, TGIF- you name it they will follow a hotel anywhere. Im for cleaning things up and bringing more visitors to the area - just wish it could still have a local feel.

  • D

    I have it on good authority (this blog) that the "chain" restaurant in question in no way resembles TGIF or anything of the sort. Nice try.

  • Ben

    Oh, the good old "chains be a'comin" boogeyman!

    You're losing the PR battle when your argument against a development is that it might contain a TGI Fridays.

  • Lampredotto

    I hate those f**king placards. I hate looking at them, and I hate how misleading they are.

    Anyway, the whole "AdMo devil's tower" campaign reeks of Astroturfing to me. The graphics on those placards are way too slick for a neighborhood grassroots organization.

  • Soontoliveinshadows

    So true. There's no way those AdMo hicks who'd rather their neighborhood not be overtaken by tourists and more traffic could POSSIBLY have created slick graphics. People who are against massive construction on a residential street AND have access to PhotoShop? Impossible!