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Last-Minute Redistricting Deal Keeps Hill East in Ward 6

UPDATE, 3:00 p.m. - Here's the new map. Also worth noting: The "Chimney" piece of Shaw that had been chunked off to Ward 5 will go to Ward 6 with the rest of Shaw. Also, Yvette Alexander scored the south side of Pennsylvania Avenue SE, which has the mixed-use apartment building anchored by Yes! Organic Market, which won't make Marion Barry happy at all.


There's more than just Sulaimon and Team Thomas drama going down at the Wilson Building today: A final-ish redistricting map has been hashed out, and it looks like Councilmember Tommy Wells may have gotten a lot of what he wanted as far as changes from the initial map. According to a person close to the negotiations, Ward 6 will keep Rosedale and Hill East—including Congressional Cemetery—while sending Reservation 13 and the jail to Ward 7.

That's half-victory for Hill East residents, who argued strongly that they ought to keep the large campus slated for eventual redevelopment in their ward. It's also a big loss for Kingman Park, which not only stays in Ward 7, but also loses the companionship of two other entire neighborhoods, leaving it a minority voice in Ward 7 affairs.

There are a few other tweaks around the edges, and a few amendments are expected: Councilmember Mary Cheh may offer a proposal to move Woodley Park back to Ward 3, and Councilmember Marion Barry will almost try to take some of Ward 6 just for the hell of it. But other main points of contention won't change. As things stand, Shaw will stay in Ward 6 and the convention center will stay in Ward 2. Both Wells and Ward 7 Councilmember Yvette Alexander are said to be content with the plan.

More on specifics tomorrow.

  • East H

    Wonderful news for Rosedale and Hill East. I commend the committee for finally listening to the will of the people.

    That said, this isn't enough. Kingman Park belongs in Ward 6. It's ludicrous that they will remain orphaned and underrepresented. It was a terrible plan 10 years ago, and it's a terrible plan now.

  • trulee_pist

    I don't think you know what Pyrrhic victory means. W6 lost the resident-free territory of Res 13 but kept all the Hill East people. A Pyrric victory is when you gain the territory but lose too many people in the process--the opposite of what happened here.

  • Lydia DePillis

    Blast, you've got me on Roman history! I was thinking of it in terms of a victory won at great cost (Reservation 13), but I do take these things seriously, so I'll adjust.

  • BRA

    So north of C NE and west of 19th NE is considered Rosedale or Kingman Park? I've never been clear on that distinction.

  • Skeptic

    Pyrrhic victory does not necessarily have anything to do with territory. It is exactly what Lydia said it is: a victory won at ruinous cost. It stems from the two "victories" by King Pyrrhus of Epirus in the battles of Heraclea and Asculum. Pyrrhus won each of those battles but never really gained any territory.

    I'm not sure I would call this a Pyrrhic victory. I think it is better characterized as a hollow victory. The resident's of Ward 6 ended up giving away something that they didn't have to and didn't want to at the beginning. And so now a position that was unacceptable a month ago (losing the HillEast Waterfront) is now a "victory."

  • Anon and On

    I thought I heard from a reliable source that the Woodley Park section of Ward 1 was headed to Ward 3. Is that dead now?

  • Anon and On

    Never mind. I should read before I comment. Sigh.

  • Logan

    BRA: The distinction between Kingman Park and Rosedale is sketchy and contentious, but yes 19th is generally considered the dividing line.

  • Ward 7 Planning Lady

    We all can clearly understand Wells being happy, however, do you understand why Alexander is happy? It is not what one would think...Reservation 13...no baby! Rather her happiness stems from reducing the number of eligible voters to vote her ass out of office. You see, those residents on the southside of Ward 7 vote in large numbers. Fairlawn and Hillcrest are in the Southside. She maybe happy with this plan but I know she is not going to be happy with Ward 7 has planned for her.

  • Celebration Time

    Maybe with new leadership, Reservation 13 may finally have a councilmember who will get things done according to tne master plan. Little Tommy card little for Reservation 13 and was content to allow Fenty to load it up with tons of social service programs and their clients with the negative impact on the surrounding neighborhood.

    With Graham overseeing Human Services and most Reservation 13 programs and Alexander in charge of Reservation 13 development we may finally see progress while Wells is free to continue his love affair with street cars, bicycles, platic bags, chickens, and higher parking fees.

  • WhoSaidWhat?

    @Ward 7 Planning Lady,
    Don't count out the MANY MANY unsatisfied, eligible voters fully prepared to vote her tail out that live in 'downtown ward7'. She should start rallying her little flunkies and 'keep everything the same' groupies now, because those of us who are eligible to vote and actually do it, will NOT be voting for her. Trust.

  • Rake

    Hey Celebration Time - you honestly expect Yvette Alexander to be able to push forward development at Res 13? Based on what? It's not like she has a track record of (any) achievement.