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Corner Restaurant Location Advertises Proximity to Walmart

The commercial condo housing Brightwood Bistro, one of not that many independent sit-down restaurants on Georgia Avenue, is for sale—and advertising its spitting distance from the proposed Walmart as an amenity. Says the listing:

!!!Ground Floor Opportunity to purchase 3000 Square foot condominium unit with fully functioning restaurant in rapidly developing area. Within blocks of incoming Walmart & Walter Reed re-development. Title to property will also include a Bill of Sale for fixtures, equipment and furniture. Property has great frontage and visibility. Two garage parking spaces convey.

If Walmart were a disadvantage to a small business locating there, I doubt the owner would be using it as a selling point. In fact, it's close enough to the new store that you could park for free in Walmart's huge underground garage, and go get something to eat without ever entering the land of low prices.

  • beth

    Assuming that the only business that can go into the BB is a restaurant, then it might be a selling point. Applebees or TGIFridays go well with a Walmart. Outside the beltway living conveniently located in the District. Life couldn't get better, right?

  • Bob See

    Walmart should advertise that it will be directly across the street from a McDonald's (one that has a drive-through).

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Yeah, I think saying the owner sees Walmart as an advantage to a small business is someone disingenuous here. Restaurants thrive around large shopping centers. Especially chains. I wouldn't be surprised at all if beth's comment about an Applebee's going in here come true.

  • http://thebrightwoodian.blogspot.com/ The Brightwoodian

    The past economic development chair of the Brightwood Community Association and Emory Beacon of Light told me that indeed Applebee's is one of the chains that's particularly known for opening up near Walmart locations to feed (and feed off) Walmart's clientele.

  • Lovelace

    Or the owner could be proactively selling now as opposed to later under less advantageous terms.

  • Drez

    +1 Lovelace.