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Meet Your New DDOT Director in 12, 11, 10…

Your new DDOT director?

On the agenda for Mayor Vince Gray's weekly press briefing tomorrow is something we've been waiting on for a long time: The appointment of a new director for the District Department of Transportation, one of the most important members of the cabinet. By most accounts, the agency hasn't suffered too much under the able hands of interim director Terry Bellamy—but the wait had gone on long enough that top officials started leaving, afraid of what might come next.

We know Gray hired an executive search firm to find somebody. Still, it's entirely possible that he'll follow an example set by the Departments of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Employment Services, Education,and the Office of the Chief Technology Officer and just promote Bellamy. Not being a betting woman, I won't put money down on it. But I will preen if I'm right.

  • Wish DC could do better than mediocre

    Yep, Bellamy certainly looks like a progressive, multimodal transit oriented kind of guy. I wonder if he has ever taken the metro? Or ridden CaBi? Probably not. Sigh.

  • DDOT employee

    Wish DC Could Do Better Than Mediocre. While applaud your ability to make snap judgements based on a photo, I know for a fact that Terry uses Cabi and Metro. And, when we move to our new offices he will live close enough to walk to work.

  • Southeast Ken

    I am just glad Gabe Klein is gone. Let's see how long he last in the city of Chicago.

  • Skipper

    Bellamy is an attrocious public speaker.

  • ACG

    Not going to pass judgment on Bellamy at this point. @Skipper - You are an atrocious speller. Sorry, I had to.