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Another Residential Project for 14th Street

The 14th Street buildup continues! On this week's ANC 1B Design Committee agenda is a seven-story building that would replace the T Street Post office and a furniture store at 1905-1917 14th Street. It's by Level2 Development, the team that brought you View14 up on Florida Avenue, and prolific D.C. residential designer Eric Colbert Associates, which is doing Utopia just a few blocks north. It looks to be about 126 units, with retail on the ground floor.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    lydia: it's not 100% clear from the PDF, but is that one house on wallach place saved in this plan, or does it come down?

  • Anon

    The site covers the area occupied by Yum's, Post Office and Carpet Store. The lots go back to the alley. These are all 1 story non-contributing buildings in the Greater U Street Historic District. No existing residential would be lost.

    And the Utopia project is across the street from this project on 14th.

  • Hillman

    Sortof dullsville architecture. But kudos for ground floor retail.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Anon: I assume you're familiar with the area, so you should recognize that there is a rowhouse on the 14th Street side of the alley on Wallach. That's what I was asking about. If everything west of the alley is torn down, then that house would be torn down too. Since you said no existing residential would be lost, I will take that as "the house will be saved."

  • Ace in DC

    Why ask about the house on Wallach? It looks pretty crappy with a weird front addition - is there something special about it?

  • coco d leprechaun

    can someone please tell me why Eric Colbert is the architect of every new multistory residential building in this city? I mean en serio.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Ace in DC: Nothing super special, but it is in the U Street Historic District, and I'd wager that the city would require it be saved to the extent possible. It doesn't appear to have any addition - maybe just some siding/cladding on the second story facade.

  • MAC

    Can we please get a new style for 14th? This looks entirely too similar to all of the other new condo buildings on 14th (especially at 14th and Q). I'm psyched about the development and the floor retail, but we need to try something else.

    Also, will we be getting a replacement post office? Some of us trek over to the current (crappy) one almost every Saturday morning...

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  • tdc

    Thought it was a drawing of the JBG building going up across 14th at Swann, or the Hines School project in SE. They all look identical- like soviet housing. Can't wait to see if Walgreens goes in this one or CVS. Next we'll tear down Saint Ex/Black Cat/Masa14/Beer Garden block for yet another clone.

    This isn't urban planning, this is just letting the suburban developers build suburban clones and calling it progress.

    Yes, I know your point is Rosslyn and Crystal City are what we should be like. I don't agree. People who move into the center city have more brains than to settle for that suburban garbage.

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  • Nick The Greek

    USPS already announced the Post Office is closing. The theater at the corner of 14th and T stays. The rest of the block (to Wallack Place) is being replaced. The townhouse is on the north side of Wallach Place. I assume the design is the result of DC's land use rules. In order to maximize the building on the lot, it becomes a box, just like the office buildings downtown.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    Nick The Greek: Not sure what you're talking about. The townhouse is on the south side of Wallach, not the north side.

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