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Pit Stops: Finnish Embassy

An occasional series on restrooms of interest. Taking suggestions: ldepillis@washingtoncitypaper.com.

The Finnish Embassy's bathrooms aren't quite as breathtaking as the rest of the building near Naval Observatory, but they are high-quality and more than serviceable, with a larger-than-average sink and a handy paper towel rack. Still, the Nordic functionality of the facilities is perhaps best reflected not in their furnishings, but rather their distribution: Out of the three heavy metal-doored rooms on the lower floor, two are reserved for women, in the first recognition I've seen thus far of the fact that women simply require more time in the restroom per capita than men.

  • Mark Walker

    Are you sure about that time data? I know lots of women who are out first on parallel use of restrooms.

    I realize there are more frequently lines at women's restrooms, but how long they use the restroom isn't the only potential answer to that observation. Maybe they use the restroom more often as a precautionary measure like filling the tank at 1/2 rather than at E.

  • Mark Walker

    Those folks need a towel dispenser. yuck

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