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Two-Dimensional Plastic Trees Finally Hit Downtown

Better late than never: A long-planned arboreal banner project, which was delayed last year because of a funding shortage, has finally come to fruition (heh). These banners went up on New York Avenue recently–I just noticed them this evening, at least–and will stay for two months.

Why put up more banners instead of using the money to plant actual trees, you ask?

Last year, D.C. urban forester John Thomas said the project would send a message about greenness that plants by themselves cannot. "It would bring different people into the tree world that we need," he said.

  • http://marketurbanism.com Stephen Smith

    Wait, so not only did they print these bullshit banners, but they're actually going to pay someone to take them down after two months??

  • Jack Love

    They're merely more visual clutter.

  • ForPetesSake

    I'm very confused. I went to the website and I'm still confused. So, you look at these banners and you go to the website and it shows you other banners in other cities. Then what? There is no connection to "how to make your city greener" Then they take the banners and make them into tote bags and sell them. Stupidest. Idea. Ever. Glad DC probably paid through the nose for them and paid overtime for DDOT and DPW workers to install them. Glad the government workers furrlough savings went somewhere!!

  • Sarah

    DDOT at the same time is preparing to use taxpayer funds to widen Idaho Avenue in NW, to accomodate trucks and other traffic going to a new private development. This will result in the loss of a number of mature oak trees that provide a shade canopy. Perhaps DDOT will replace those trees with these nifty, sustainable tree banners!