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Morning Links: Spreading the Wealth

Yay Ledroit Park. [Atlantic]

Focusing bike outreach east of the river. [DCentric]

South Capitol apartment project getting started. [DCmud]

Soak the developers! [Examiner]

Retail is booming. [WBJ]

Eastern Market info hub in final design stage. [EMMCA]

D.C. residents O.K. with higher taxes. [DCFPI]

The Federal Highway Administration sure cares a lot about preserving the views from its roadways. [WBJ]

Today on the market: Wardman rowhouse.

  • Legends

    no, dc residents are fine with raising other people's taxes.

    60% budget growth in 8 years.

    The biggest budget in the District's history, while every other state and city are cutting budgets.

    Totally unsustainable. Raise taxes now, but what next year, when spending continues to grow? Raise them again?

    No, District residents do not support a tax increase, no matter how many biased phone surveys are done.

  • John Fitzgerald

    This is a Cafritz, not a Wardman, row house. Cafritz row houses are instantly identifiable by the yellow brick, from Cafritz's wholly owned brickyard. Harry Wardman never used Cafritz bricks.