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Adams Morgan Hotel to be Filed by July 29

At least they held the meeting outside. (Lydia DePillis)

Not much new came out of a Saturday ANC 1C planning and zoning committee meeting on the proposed Edition hotel for Adams Morgan (the design, apparently, hasn't changed significantly since it was first presented three years ago). But developer Brian Friedman did give a date certain by which he plans to file his planned unit development application with the Zoning Commission: July 29th.

Most of the meeting was spent re-arguing the need for the project's $46 million tax abatement, which passed at the tail end of the Council's session last year. On the issue at hand, whether the nine-story hotel should receive approval from the Zoning Commission, opponents argued that its size and hotel use was prohibited by the Reed-Cooke zoning overlay (as are bars, restaurants, and lots of other things that already exist in Adams Morgan).

Hopefully, before the application is filed, the neighborhood will learn more about how the hotel can be expected to impact local property taxes, rents, and revenues for retail and restaurants from a study underway at the Office of Planning.

Meanwhile, Friedman already has an operator lined up for the hotel's bar and restaurant, as well as for the health club/spa and pool, who wish to remain anonymous. "They don't want to be brought down in all these local politics," Friedman said, somewhat impolitically.

  • John

    Thanks for the update. This project will be an exciting one to watch. It should really invigorate Columbia road and raise the stature of Adams Morgan. A lot of the retail on the other side of Columbia rd is single story and ripe for development too. I know the strip of store fronts containing Pizza Hut was at one point slated to become 3 or 4 stories of condos and ground floor retail but that went bust with the bubble. It also makes sense for the Safeway there to rebuild as mixed use. All in all I think it's obvious that DC will get a great return on its abatement. Anyone claiming otherwise is just a nimby grasping at the abatement and anything else possible (cooke overlay) to prevent development.

  • Kaitlin

    I live on Euclid St, less than 100 feet and one block over from where this hotel will be built. There are so many negative impacts for residents that I fear aren't being taken into consideration. First, the construction will take years and be a major nuisance and disrupt our lives and sleep during that time. Second, to accommodate all of the guests and resulting traffic, I suspect the intersection at Euclid/Columbia/Champlain will have to be changed. Does this mean the square would be removed? What about the Hispanic Market on the weekends that everyone loves? I guess I just don't see how this is fair for residents who live in close proximity. The hotel will also add a ton of traffic to our tiny one-way streets where parking is already scarce.

    I'm not sure how this hotel will be successful. I think that location is the wrong neighborhood for a luxury hotel.

  • kob

    I live on Adams Mill and can sympathize with those in close proximity to the construction site. But the former church property will be redeveloped eventually, so construction of some sort will remain an issue with or without the hotel.

    The neighborhood would never tolerate the removal of the square, and the developer hasn't proposed it. And why would the Hispanic market have to move?

    Traffic will likely increase with the hotel, but that's the story all around in Adams Morgan. One positive may be increase eyes and ears for that general area. Hotels tend to have good security.