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Sale Watch: Michelle Rhee Picks Up Stakes

In the last echo of her tenure in D.C., former schools chancellor Michelle Rhee is offloading her house: the five-bedroom Victorian at 1439 Madison Street NW in 16th Street Heights* hit the market yesterday. It's yours for $875,000–$20,000 more than she bought it for in 2007.


* Not Brightwood Park.

  • James

    This is not Brightwood Park. This is considered the 16th Street Heights neighborhood. I should know, I live one block over on Montague Street, NW between 14th & 16th Streets, NW. This neighborhood is in the 16th Street Heights Civic Association boundaries. I hate people that don't know DC or it's neighborhoods.

  • Lydia DePillis

    Goodness, hate is such a strong word. I was just going by the "city neighborhood" designation in the Citizen Atlas: http://citizenatlas.dc.gov/atlasapps/propertyreports.aspx?SAR=administrative&ownerID=4109110

    But the tax assessment also says 16th Street Heights, so the change has been made.

  • LOL

    Lydia, fear not. People who have lived here and know why areas have the names that they have do get a little annoyed by the real estate market [and in some cases government] mucking up the names of neighborhoods. I don't hate the people wh do it, but my blood does boil a little when i hear people say "the atlas district"

  • Observant

    The dark floors and doors are not attractive. How much would it cost to reverse that throughout the house?

  • LongTimeRez

    Goodbye and good luck!

  • NW dude

    I wish more people knew the difference between its and it's. (@james)

  • January Capricorn

    @LOL, you're right the Atlas District is utterly riduculous. But renaming of areas is just like stepping in dog poop, you don't know you have stepped onto these new areas until you smell and listen to the shit!

  • Southeast Ken

    @NW dude; are you an English teacher? You know that the guy was trying to say asshole. Gezzzz

  • Southeast Ken


    You know what the guy was trying to say NW dude. Stop being an asshole. This isn't a grammar or English class. It's a blog.

  • Linda

    "It's" is a contraction of "it is."

  • chgobluesguy

    It's all about the kids!

  • cbr

    I think his point was that James was kind of being an asshole. If misnamed neighborhoods elicits that kind of feeling in you, then be thankful you don't have bigger problems to worry about.

    File under, "People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones." And/or "learn to be civil."

    Jeez indeed.

  • oldmh

    I'm no expert on this stuff but is that actually a Victorian? Doesn't fit with what I assumed a Victorian house looks like. Does anyone know?

  • Southeast Ken

    @cbr, people get upset all the time if their upscale neighborhood is classified as another. For instance, calling Shepherd Park Ward 4, Petworth. Or calling Georgetown Dupont Circle.

    I am sure the taxes are much higher in 16th Street Heights than in Brightwood Park. But many of you are not native Washingtonians and you don't know this city, as we natives.

  • crin

    It's not a victorian. It's a four square. And it's way overpriced. There was this thing, called the Housing Bubble...

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  • Rich

    Not enough gingerbread to be a Victorian. Probably built shortly before WWI or during the 20s. More of a "raised bungalow".

  • Julius

    Michelle Rhee didn't know DC or it's neighborhoods.....

  • deedle

    I wonder how they won the lottery for slots at Oyster, because that's not in district.

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