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At the end of last year, the parent company of Superfresh grocery stores declared bankruptcy, meaning the closure of Super Fresh in Spring Valley. On listservs, residents of the moneyed neighborhood started organizing to bring Trader Joe's as a replacement, and it turns out they may get their wish–or something equally good. Councilmember Mary Cheh emailed residents yesterday:


Two weeks ago, the parent company of Super Fresh announced that it intends to sell the Super Fresh location in Spring Valley as part of its bankruptcy restructuring. Many residents have been concerned about this news, worried that the neighborhood may lose its grocery store. As many seniors and families rely on this store, it is important that we keep a grocery store in Spring Valley. I have been in touch with Super Fresh and a number of other grocery stores about this issue. I am very pleased to share that several high-end grocery stores are presently vying for this location in bankruptcy court. The timeline for the court's approval of the sale of the Super Fresh is unclear, but it seems very likely that Spring Valley will have an even nicer grocery store very soon.


Several high-end grocery stores competing for the location! Of course they are–according to census data, zip code 20016 is the second highest-income (and second-whitest) in the city, after 20007, which covers Georgetown. These people do their research.

  • Herb

    While Superfresh may have lacked the "upscale" -- and large-scale -- aspirations of other supermarket chains, it is a convenient, modest-sized, largely neighborhood-serving store with good prices. In fact, it's no bigger than the run-down Giant on Wisconsin Avenue, but it shows that one doesn't need a 60,000 s.f. facility to operate a clean, well-stocked store that sells products that people want to buy. Increasingly the large chains are importing their outer-suburban "SuperCenter" (Giant's term) model to the city. While some shoppers want stores the size of the new Georgetown Safeway, others don't care for big box, destination grocery stores that feel they need to sell 100 different kinds of potato chips and lots of toys. Superfresh will be missed; let's hope another grocer comes into serve that market segment.

  • The Invisible Man

    And Lydia, you are the second whitest kid at WCP. That's why developers beat a path to your door.

  • Southeast Ken

    It must be nice when you are white,have power, and money.

  • Wrack

    This middle-class whitey also thinks it's probably pretty awesome to be black and have power and money. (And to know how to write.)