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Trump Pennsylvania Avenue?

We think that's Ivanka. (Tipster)

Housing Complex couldn't go on the General Services Administration's tour of the Old Post Office for potential bidders, which was closed to press. But according to a tipster, the group was buzzing about one attendee in particular: Ivanka Trump, progeny of everybody's favorite maybe-candidate/purveyor of insane conspiracies about President Barack Obama.

Could The Donald be interested in a D.C. footprint? The Post Office, as dowdy as it's become, would certainly be a marquee addition to their portfolio of hotels around the world. The price tag shouldn't be a problem; Trump says he's got $7 billion just sitting around, waiting to be used.

And then, if he doesn't get to live in the White House, at least he can have a suite all to himself not far away.

  • thedofc

    Please tell me this isn't true.

  • http://marketurbanism.com Stephen Smith

    $7 billion? Please. I'd be surprised if he's even worth a tenth of that. The Donald (that was fun!) has made his career on people thinking he's some sort of billionaire, but the truth is that you'd probably hit a dozen people with more money than him if you threw a rock in any upscale Manhattan neighborhood.

  • Jim

    I can definitely confirm it was Ivanka and she was with her brother Eric. They both are Vice Presidents of Development & Acquisitions for Trump International. Sounds like you're exactly right in thinking they want this building.

  • Read Scott Martin

    Trump on Pennsylvania Avenue? Not. A. Chance.

  • Famous Dave

    Ivanka's got other problems. Her husband is taking it up the tailpipe on his grossly overpaid acquisition in Manhattan.

  • Christopher

    Yea sure.... the GSA would lease its property to a guy that routinely screws, sues and bankrupts his partners and lenders.

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