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Morning Links: Letdowns

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Foreclosures pushing up rental prices. [Post]

Arlington County GOP is super dumb. [RPUS]

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Talking to the architect of that crazy new West End library. [Archpaper]

Itty bitty Georgetown house. [GeorgetownDish]

Today on the market: 1924 Wardman (not the address)

  • washcycle

    The WaPo article never makes the case that burning trash isn't green. It's just that some environmental groups don't support it getting funding. It is green. It's recycling. It's turning trash into energy. And it's probably greener than other forms of recycling. That plant and others like it was built with a Clinton error subsidy program that should probably be reinstated. We should make less trash, but what we do make we should burn for electricity. It's cleaner than coal.