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Calling All Bikeshare Geeks

For anybody out there who wants to do more with this data than I do, here are spreadsheets of Bikeshare membership by zip code and trip origination and termination by station through Sunday, April 9th. The District Department of Transportation, apparently, is planning on making all of this public soon anyway–so it's really just a sneek peek.

Also! I requested the contract between Alta Bikeshare and DDOT, but they blacked out the parts most of interest to me–the price schedule. If for any reason you were curious about the fine print, have at it.

  • brad

    Capitol Bike Share/alta bicycles denies health insurance to only the employees who ride bikes for the job.


    i quit my job today and i am so happy not to be working for Capitol Bike Share anymore. when i was hired in november i was a full time employee with benefits and an option to have health insurance after a set amount of time. starting feb. Alta bikes, who is the mother company of Capitol Bike Share, changed thier policy and made me and all of the people in my position a part time employee with out benefits. Then Alison Choen (president of Alta) took a vacation to the bahamas. I/we was also denied any buy in on the health plan they ues for full time employees. then a week or so later, they gave back everything TO ONLY THREE of the 8 people effected and called them managers. the rest were paid the amount of PTO they were alotted for the year (i had around 27 hours) and no longer allowed to work a 40 hour week capping out at 32hrs.
    THIS ONLY HAPPENED TO EMPLOYEES WHO RIDE BIKES FOR THE JOB!!!. the employees who drive vans (rebalancing the system), and station technitions were NOT affected by this change in policy(about 13 to 15 employees not affected). they all still have a full timer with insurance and benefits.

  • Josh

    Interesting. Did you hear about the bike-rider employee insurance issue? Is that for real? I received a FB message yesterday from a former employee (no one I know) talking about how Alta reduced some employees from full-time to 32hrs/week to deny them insurance. Seems pretty slimy if true, since the people out there on bikes probably need it more than anyone. Kind of figured there would be an update from Alta today?

    And how is payment terms not public info?

  • Josh

    Yeah, pretty much that message.

  • bob
  • Gilbert

    If anyone is looking for the latitude and longitude of the bike stations so as to do some visualization of the spreadsheet data, then I may have found something useful. The link below is to an XML doc with everything you should need.


  • http://highearthorbit.com Andrew Turner

    Thanks for pointing out the data! I created a map of subscribers by Zipcode in DC compared with station locations (slightly out of date)