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DHCD Finally Gets a Director

Mr. Hall will move to Washington. (HUD)

Like the new Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, Mayor Vince Gray's pick to head the Department of Housing and Community Development is an outsider, hailing most recently from Glen Valley, Virginia. Here's John Hall's dossier from his last appointment before this, to be the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development field office director for D.C.:

Prior to being named field office director, Hall served as financial transaction manager with HUD's Office of Affordable Housing Preservation. Before joining HUD, Hall was employed by two community development corporations in Texas. At South Fair CDC in Dallas, Texas, he served as the deputy director developing multi-family housing using tax credits and Section 202 programs. He left that position to start the North & East Lubbock CDC in Lubbock, Texas as the executive director. His accomplishments with this CDC included single-family housing development, housing counseling and economic development.

Hall has additional experience with Bank of America's Real Estate Banking Group in Dallas and Houston. He also served as Director of Non-Profit Development for the Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone in New York, New York. Hall received his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Michigan, and obtained a Master of Public Administration from Syracuse University's Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs.

  • DC

    Gawd, he looks scary dumb! He looks like someone just told him that Lorraine Green is waiting in the hall for him and she has her whip with her. Another empty suit!

  • REattorney

    It looks like his experience will translate well to the work that DHCD does. I'm optimistic.

  • bonnie

    I just took a look at the groups he worked for and ran on the CDC side. Look for yourself. There isn't a lot of substance at either place.

    To REattorney, I can see being optimistic too. He does sort of look like a good director to be pushed around and from whom lots can be gotten.

    God, I hope I'm wrong but DC has it right - he looks scary dumb!

    Southfair CDC

    North & East Lubbock CDC in Lubbock
    Acquired 35-acres of land for capital development
    King's Dominion lots sold - 11
    King's Dominion houses completed - 7
    King's Dominion houses under construction - 4
    King's Dominion infrastructure dollars invested - $675,000
    Indirect home sales to scattered site builders - 6
    Mortgages originated - $1.2 million
    Number of participants completed financial literacy - 313
    Number of participants received housing counseling - 106
    Grant funds awarded to date - $1.7 million

  • michaeliceman

    Honestly, it does not matter what this guy has done in the past. The power at DHCD is in the hands of the employees. If they choose to make him look good, he will be fine. If they don't, its a wrap. See...a lot of that money flowing through there is restricted (it is old CDBG money or other HUD grant money) and highly regulated. The average person cannot easily figure that stuff out. There are folks there that know that stuff like they know their ABC's and they can get stuff through HUD...if they are so motivated. So his success there will rest on his ability to balance what the Mayor and DMPED want done against what the DHCD wonks want done.

  • Dan

    Mr. Hall has to do good job with responsibility. I want to congratulate him and want to say him; just work for humanity.

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