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  • SC Brown, ANC7C04

    The brief description of "bullying" to describe opposition to Uncle Lee's Seafood's Class A liquor license application is an affront to the community-led effort to improve OUR public safety and increase retail vibrancy and diversity. Granting this liquor license would bring the total number of liquor stores (Classes A & B) to this neighborhood up to ten (inclusive of two stores bordering ANC7C). Uncle Lee's is within the ABRA 400' radius impact zone of two liquor stores in Maryland; this means would be 12 liquor stores!

    The neighborhood has reached its saturation point with the double-digit count of liquor stores. With your experience covering economic development issues I would think you'd agree liquor stores are no way to approach meaningful, substantial neighborhood revitalization. Bullying? NO THIS IS RECLAIMING OUR COMMUNITY! DEMANDING MORE BECAUSE WE DESERVE BETTER!

  • http://greatergreaterwashington.org/vdavis/ MsV

    Co-sign with Commissioner Brown. Ward 7 has a lot of needs, but another liquor store is most definitely NOT one of them. Please feel free to join us at the protest on Saturday to see the area for yourself and talk with residents who say no more.

  • Amani

    I am appalled (and disappointed) at the poor word choice describing a grassroots movement of people who are concerned about the community in which they live. If by “bullying”, you are referring to citizens utilizing the First Amendment to speak out against things that prove to be detrimental to their public safety – by all means. I would urge WCP contributors to focus to reporting news rather than using biased and counterintuitive language regarding events that they obviously have taken no time to learn about.

  • ward7citizen

    I agree with Ms. Amani, "bullying" is very much a poor choice of wording used to describe on efforts on what we are trying to accomplish. Rather what we are doing is defending our community from the over-saturation of liquor store establishments. What we are doing is demanding more quality retail establishments that would provide quality services that are much needed in our community and another liquor store is not a much needed service especially when there are just too many to come by within blocks or feet of each other. What we are doing is demanding that the owners of Uncle Lee respect our community by not trying to infringe another establishment that sells alcoholic beverages for off premises consumption. What is needed in our community are businesses that will make our community more viable and livable. There is no "bullying" of Uncle Lee's on our part, I see it as the other way around.

  • Ward 7

    Add my voice to this. A community not wanting MD-based owner putting a 3rd liquor store on a single corner is NOT BULLYING by any definition. Use some common sense when talking about community empowerment in an area that hasn't seen a great deal of this.

  • Lydia DePillis

    All: I'm sorry my word choice offended you, and I certainly understand your desire for higher quality restaurants. However, I'll stand by my characterization of singling out one establishment for public protest as "bullying," even if it doesn't involve stealing Uncle Lee's lunch money. I would--and do--say similar things about people who unreasonably protest liquor licenses in better-served areas. The thing is, bullying can be an effective way to get what you want, and if you believe your cause is just, you should own up to the means you employ to advance it.

    On the flip side, I'd also say that the best way to encourage more and better commercial establishments is to project an image of business friendliness, rather than animosity towards the ones you don't like.

    And no, I haven't been out specifically to see Uncle Lee's, but I plan to do so as soon as I have a chance.



  • Amani

    This does not deserve a response. An example of ignorance at its finest. "Wanna be reporters gone wild".

  • Ward 7

    You are off base Lydia. I agree with pro-business attitudes, but YOU know nothing about this neighborhood. There is an over-saturation of liquor stores and LOW-QUALITY businesses in this area. Honestly, how many liquor stores would you want next to a day care center? The proposal is to be literally attached to the day care center.
    You know nothing of the anti-neighborhood history of this business owner. You know nothing of the hate speech of the property owner. All of these based in MD. And MD residents literally across the street from this property cannot testify at the ABRA hearing.
    There is truly NO bullying by the neighborhood. The bullying is all in the other directions. I have personally received verbal threats of physical violence from the property owner.
    You need to know more before you can RESPONSIBLY call this bullying by the neighborhood.

  • SC Brown, ANC7C04

    Lydia, there is a clear distinction between liquor license classes. Between Wards 7 and 8 there are FIVE (5) class C licensees. Conversely, there are 105 class A & B licensees, including the four full-service grocery stores. I have commented several times on the stories of my neighbors in Northwest battling with class C licensees that their disdain for voluntary agreements should be, and must be, separated from the class A & B licensees, which are pervasive East of the River.

    This community-led picket and protest is in no way singling out Uncle Lee's. There have been similar efforts making the case of saturation of liquor stores, again class A & B licensees, in this neighborhood.

    Bullying in no way has a positive connotation; Advocacy on the other hand does. Residents are proactively advocating for an improved business environment. It is, and this is strong, unconscionable (not to mention bad business) to honestly believe that letting a single business type that is clearly linked to negative outcomes, including suppression of economic and community growth, proliferate unchecked and dominate the retail landscape of Wards 7 and 8.

  • ward7citizen

    Maybe her vocabulary is very limited and has had a difficult time in choosing the appropriate term to describe our efforts. Granted, if this were an incident or a protest that were taking place in a more affluent area, the wording would been different. She definitely would've found another term to use to describe the civic activism against the over saturation of liquor sell for off-premises consumption establishments in a "growing" area in the district. From what she's implying is that we-the people who live in this community, who've had to deal with this ongoing and growing problem in our community should just "lay down" and just deal with it until something better "magically" appears. Just like those who live in the more developed areas of DC demand and deserve access to better amenities and establishments we are making the stand to demand the same thing. I have the right to make this statement because I've lived in all parts of DC that are now affluent and popular when that wasn't the case as little as 10-12 years ago, so I am very well aware of how things can change if the residents of a community demand and fight for it. For goodness sakes the owner of this establishment doesn't even respect our community where the business is placed, while destroying my neighborhood, they are able to commute to Maryland with the money the would make off of liquor sales from the people who live in our community and live a lush or well off life while siphoning our community of resources and not providing any real or viable services to the neighborhood were it is established. Mind you that there are 2 other liquor sales establishments that sits just feet from the Uncle Lee's establishment. This is not and should not be a liquor store wasteland

  • Duonoir

    Perhaps the lady would like to have said establishment in her neighborhood. I think next door to her suitably chic condo would be totally appropriate. Don't you?

  • Amani

    I equate the usage of the word "bullying" to likes of using "refugee" to describe Hurricane Katrina' victims in 2005. Its disgusting and shameful. Shameful to put down an empowered group of CITIZENS (not bully's) who are only trying to survive and make the best out of their daily lives and circumstances. Shameful to so ignorantly marginalize these efforts through reckless headlines and loosely weaved opinions. A retraction and apology is definitely in order here.