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Church Flight on Capitol Hill!

Another church building flips! After 1350 Maryland Avenue NE, the Peoples Church on Barracks Row, and 700 A Street NE either went on the market or have sold, the congregation of Mount Joy Baptist Church at 514-518 4th Street SE is lighting out for Prince Georges County. Altus Realty Partners–the same company that's doing 20-condominium historic renovation of the Maples–plans to turn their two lovely white buildings into 12 residential units.

Altus declined to give more details until plans are more fully developed (if they've bought the buildings, which had been on the market for $3.7 million, the transaction hasn't shown up in city records yet). But word is that they're planning to use the ground floor of the Church building as a parking garage, so we'll see how that flies with the Historic Preservation Review Board.

  • pmt

    I think you mean 1350 Maryland Ave, right? And did it actually flip or was it just listed for a whole lot of money?

  • joan

    Good riddance. Send those damn after-lifers back to PG County.

  • Lydia DePillis

    Whoops, indeed I did, thanks for the correction. And nope, as far as I know it hasn't sold yet.

  • http://www.2hdb.com/searchbysuzanne hipchickindc

    According to the agent that represents the church at 1350 Maryland Ave NE, it is under contract.