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All Wrapped Up In Chains

Kraze burgers! (Lydia DePillis)

I spent the afternoon at the International Franchising Expo, and there are so many interesting things to say about the franchising world (or "community," as they call themselves). More on that next week. Meanwhile, a few quick newsy bits from chatting with attendees:

  • Jimmy John's, the sandwich chain, will be opening one location at 14th and L Streets NW and another "about eight blocks southwest of that."
  • Yogenfruz will be opening at 1175 K Street NW and Union Station.
  • Kraze burgers will be opening somewhere in Bethesda.
  • YoSushi will be opening in Union Station in 2012.

More to come after further adventures on the convention floor.

  • Andrew

    I'm curious what they told you at the expo, but while I lived in Seoul the consensus was that it's pronounced KRAH-zay Burger.