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Morning Links: Inequities

Ward 8 has the highest unemployment rate in the country. [WBJ]

Why does Walmart get protests, and Aldi gets shrugs? [DCentric]

Want to create unemployment? Cut late-night transit. [GGW]

I have no concrete evidence, but dislike the notion that women are less comfortable riding bikes than men. [GGW]

The 14th Street condo project you didn't know about. [Borderstan]

Bad landlord drives yoga out of Bloomingdale. [PoP]

The process of getting Eastern Market governed. [EMMCA]

D.C.'s bridges could use some help. [Examiner]

Union win at Georgetown. [VoxPop]

Today on the market: Quincy Court.

  • http://citypaper Tony

    Ward eight has the highest unemployment in the country! Why does Marion Barry support a medallion system that will benefit investment companies? Harry Thomas,M. Brown and Barry have introduce a bill that will destroy black independent cab drivers. For example, a medallion in New York sells for 400,000-760,000. Recall those PIMPS!

  • oboe


    The current figures show that 90% of DC cabbies live outside of the city. Of the remaining, something like 5% of that 10% remain cabbies for a year or more. There are no black independent cab drivers to speak of--at least not any who are DC residents.

    In maintaining ridiculously low standards for DC cabbies, we're hurting DC residents to the sole benefit of MD and VA residents. Thank God our DC elected officials have finally started to represent DC residents.

  • http://citypaper Tony

    How will a medallion raise the standards for cabbies? Great investment tool for wall street!

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