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A Design Contest for the Anacostia Waterfront?

The Minneapolis waterfront will be beautiful. (TLK/KVA)

"Active and abandoned industrial sites, rail lines, a commercial port, and a highway...physically and psychologically separated from the lives of most residents."

Does that sound like a riverfront you know?

Well, those words were actually written about the part of the Mississippi River that runs through Minneapolis, which is about to be remade into a sustainable ribbon of waterfront under a breathtaking plan by landscape architect Tom Leader. The vision, selected after a design competition sponsored by the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, is for a series of people-and-animal-friendly ecosystems over a 5.5-mile stretch, which will be phased in over a period of 40 years.

It's an inspiringly comprehensive approach for a problem that could otherwise be tackled piecemeal or not at all. Can you imagine what a world-class landscape architect could come up with for the Anacostia waterfront? Yards Park is a start, but the east side of the river–Anacostia Park–is essentially a blank slate (and the latest sketch of Poplar Point is nothing special). Sadly, it's also owned by the National Park Service, so D.C.'s ability to execute an exciting reconception is severely limited. Still, if Vince Gray wanted to put some pretty images to his One City words, this would be a good way to start.

UPDATE, 3:37 p.m. – As a couple of commenters have pointed out, there is obviously an ongoing effort to rethink the waterfront, with goals and plans and progress reports etc. Didn't mean to imply that no one had been thinking about this.


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    In late Jan or early Feb DDOT held a contractor q & a to find a contract team to implement the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative. I haven't heard anything further about a team being selected. One of the questions asked was how this project fit in the Gray Admin priorities, especially since he planned a review of capital projects.

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    Agreed - but you write as if the DC Government has given no thought to the Anacostia Riverfront when in fact they have thought a great deal and continue to - beginning with the Anacostia Waterfront Initiative 10-11 years ago followed by the AWI Framework Plan adopted by the City Council in 2003. A report on progress was finished at the tale end of the Feny Administration - I'm confident the Gray Administration will continue to implement the AWI Plan - http://ddot.dc.gov/DC/DDOT/Projects+and+Planning/DDOT+Projects/Anacostia+Waterfront+Initiative/Anacostia+Waterfront+Initiative+10+Years+of+Progress

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