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Strip Mall for Jesus

Things are different in Prince George's County, which became plainly evident to me last night as I crossed onto Oxon Run Drive last night and was greeted with Faith Plaza: A suburban strip mall? No, a church that just looks like one! Amazing.


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    What's amazing about it? A church purchased a strip mall and converted the property into a church. There is also a day care and salon on the property. It's not the ideal use the property but it's better than an abandoned parking lot and empty businesses.

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    Lola's got a good point. It's also gotta be better than the *HUGE* megachurches that tie up traffic for hours on Sunday that exist elsewhere in PGC...

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    There are several in the County. The economics work well in terms of buying out of date retail centers.

    By the way Lydia, how was the conference last evening? Something to be learned?

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    There is a similar enterprise in PG near beltway exit 15 on Central Avenue. A church owns the plaza and has Bally's and Staples as a tenant.

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    PG needs as much Jesus as it can get. At least it's not a night club, strip club, and a drive through liquor store.

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    Lydia, Way to broadcast your complete cluelessness!!!

    This isn't a "new" thing for churches and it's been there forever. *well sorta*

    You should probably travel these areas more often.

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    OK guys, I wasn't saying it was new, or even particularly unusual, just that I hadn't seen one before, and found it remarkable.

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    Good eye.

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    This is my church :) we have 3 locations and working on more

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