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Florida and North Capitol Gets Greened

Lovely to see the concrete triangle at Florida and North Capitol Street turn into green space. Here's hoping it stays that way.

  • noodlez



  • Alright now…

    Ain't that the truth, Noodlez

  • deeceefooodeee

    Drove by last night and was amazed how good that suddenly looked.

    Then I thought of exactly what noodlez just said.

    If someone who lives there feels like it I am pretty sure that a time-lapse of the triangle would be pretty amazing (and shared alll over the interwebz when it is over).

  • eli

    what is happening with the adjacent vacant lot?

  • Mario

    Can't wait till dogwalkers get mugged or worse. Stay away after dark.

  • Rick Mangus

    Looks great noe, but it will fall into disrepair because the city will not maintain it!

  • briefly

    Shithole in waiting.

  • er

    i think it looks great.

  • JustJosh

    (scumbag crackheads + concrete) = (scumbag crackheads + grass)

    Changing the color of the ground will do absolutely nothing. Prove me wrong and I'll concede.

  • U Street resident

    Dog latrine.

  • er

    no one cares if you concede justjosh.

    if you want to do something to help make changes, people will care.
    every step in the right direction is an action i can applaud. you haters can suck it.

  • MoneyPitDC

    Eli, I read recently that the vacant lot would soon be used for valet parking for the now-under-renovation old firehouse on North Capitol that's scheduled to open as a restaurant this year. It's not an awesome use, in my book, but at least it will result in some more people being in the area late into the evening, perhaps discouraging mischief.

  • JustJosh

    @ er - In other words, you have no evidence to back up your claim. Again, prove me wrong and I'll gladly shut up.

    I'm all for REAL changes - as in, eliminating the human garbage that currently litters the area around North Capitol & Florida... not the superficial crap which should come later, AFTER the real problems have been solved.

    I WANT to be proven wrong, but I'm afraid it won't happen.

  • JustJosh

    ... and just to clarify: "human garbage" = people committing crimes.

    There's plenty of it around there.

  • Hillman


    You clearly misunderstand. We are all precious flowers.

    It's just that some precious flowers beat the crap out of other precious flowers. And rape them. And sometimes even kill them.

    But we can't admit that, because, again, we are all precious flowers.

  • er


    how do you propose we eliminate the human garbage?

  • Rick Mangus

    Give the police the tool of a anti-loitering law, this law will ONLY target the scums of humanity and no one else!

  • Adrian Bent-Me

    JustJosh- I'm a fan of simple solutions. Here's as simple a solution as it gets, why don't you just stay out of the area. Or better yet, go pull a Charles Bronson and try to regulate over there. I'm sure the very next headline we'll read is: "Angry white kid scared back into the suburbs". You fucking douchebag.

  • copper

    i haven't yet seen anyone in the grass.
    mostly it seems like the crew that was stationed there has moved the the abandoned lot, or next to the firehouse building.

  • Really

    ABM...OMG...LOL! I'm in tears