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Megabus, Boltbus Bid CityCenter Adieu

The impending start of construction on CityCenterDC means the end of something that Washingtonians have gotten used to over the last few years: Beginning and ending their regional bus trips on a gigantic blacktop at 10th and H Streets NW.

For a couple of years, the Washington Convention and Sports Authority has had a licensing agreement with U Street Parking, which rented the lot to Megabus and Boltbus on a per-departure basis. Starting in December, the bus lines knew they'd have to find new space, and started looking.

Where did they land? Boltbus found a spot at New Jersey and F Street NW, very near Union Station, where it still does a good chunk of its pickup and drop off. Megabus will relocate to a parking lot on North Capitol and K Street, across from Gonzaga High School (Boltbus says it considered this option, but rejected it as too far from a Metro stop.)

  • Ben

    Really, really unfortunate news. How do the Chinatown buses have convenient locations but Bolt and Mega couldn't do as well?

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  • Dave

    Not a big deal, I can't imagine a few extra blocks will stop people from getting free wi-fi on a bus trip.

  • Rick Mangus

    This site was to be for two major department stores who expressed intrest with one of them being Macy's the other was to be Nordstrom. The city screwed around with this proposal and thus we now have a stupid parking lot and bus depot!

  • http://alexblock.net Alex B.

    Uh, Rick - you realize the reason the buses are moving is because they're about to start construction, right?

  • jag

    Ugh. Sucky location megabus. It's bad enough your buses never arrive or depart on time and you always cancel over an inch of snow.

  • Campy

    Sounds good to me. While it would have been ideal to consolidate these services to the parking garage of Union Station, the general proximity to Amtrak, Metro, cabs, etc. makes for easy connections to the rest of the city.

    I am going to assume that these spots are semi-temporary anyway, anyone know what the story is with the Union Station parking garage and if they intend to use that first level as a larger bus hub in the future? Does BoltBus continue to have departures from there?

  • V

    Unfortunate news to the buslines, but perhaps good news to the district and urban (re)development in general. I'm definitely switching to Chinatown buses if this becomes official, metro-accessibility/ proximity is key to me and I prefer not to haul luggage that far.

  • AJS

    Does anyone know when these moves will actually take place? I have several future reservations and work at 7th/Eye so it was super convenient.

  • Lydia DePillis

    @AJS - Whoops, forgot to say that Boltbus will make the switch starting February 28th, but I'm not sure about Megabus.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Alex B', but they are building a half-ass version of retail because the city got involved, far short of the two department store proposed ten years ago!

  • T


    The long term plan is still for the buses to move to Union Station, but it will take some time and money for it to happen. This includes new elevators and stairs from the H Street bridge down to First Street (which will also be used for the streetcar), and structural and fire safety upgrades to the parking deck.

  • chris

    This SUCKS!!! Talk about crappy locations.

    1) N Cap and K is a dump. Not a very inviting walk to/from the metro after dark. I'm guessing safety is going to be an issue. What a welcome to DC.

    Reminds me of taking Greyhound from NYC. There were a few foreigners on the bus. There 1st impressions of DC was of an empty, drab 9-5 office district, where the homeless constituted the only foot traffic. Could tell they wanted to get right back on the bus to NYC.

    2) The old location was near all 5 metro lines. Now most will have to transfer lines. That is a big deal for the early/late buses.

    Why couldn't they have used one the streets near the current location. 8th street NW is a worthless, why not use it for loading/unloading?

  • yup yup

    I am positive that Megabus will FAIL to tell anyone about this move, just as they change their schedules and don't notify their customers. Let's hope this helps Megabus go out of business where it belongs!

  • trulee pist

    Am I wasted? I swear I picked up the last Bolt Bus ride I took in the parking garage at Union Station (mezzanine level).

  • Mike

    Why can't Bolt use the Grey Hound terminal? Same parent company and all....

  • wil

    How about a establishing boardings at L'Enfant plaza, during the day it would be pretty congested, but that area could really use some additional round-the-clock activity. It's also close to the freeway, VRE/Amtrak stop and 4 metro lines.

  • DCCavalier

    No Trulee, you're not wasted. The Bolts leaving from Union Station parking garage will still leave from there. But the bulk of Boltbus routes, which left from downtown, are leaving for 90 F Street. Bolts explanation is, there is not enough room in the garage at Union Station to have all their buses leave from there.

  • trulee pist

    I'm not telling the Bolt people how to do their business, but there's a *lot* of room on the mezzanine level of Union Station parking. It is used for nothing but busses now, no car parking at all. And easy Metro access! Oh, well, see you at 90 F Street.

  • 10th & H or bust

    Looks like I'll be making the switch to DCtoNY. These new locations are awful, especially the Megabus location.

  • alicia

    FYI - this change takes effect on March 1 according to the Megabus website. I wish i had known this when I booked my March 5 bus tickets for the weekend after that. Great. At least anybody traveling this weekend can use the H street location, still.

  • http://www.columbiaheightscondos.net ken rub

    The Megabus site is atrocious! Living in Columbia Heights, that is either an $8 taxi, or quite a stroll from the metro, which will include a transfer from yellow to red. I assume their business will be way down, and they will need to look for another spot.

  • Adam K

    Horrible location, Megabus. Adieu to you.

  • ann kurzius

    That is one long walk with luggage from 90 F Street back to your car in the Union Station garage, or to nearest Metro stop. Bolt Bus just lost my business.....