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Mt. Pleasant: It's a neighborhood! (Lydia DePillis)

I love it when neighborhood profiles and branding efforts have the very definition of "neighborhood" as their headline or tagline.


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    How much did these Mt. Pleasant banners cost and where were they produced? The Logan Circle arts banners cost $1500.00 a piece and came from Manassas. $1500.00 for a banner, I am in the wrong business!

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    No one cares how much banners cost or where they come from.
    Give it up, already.

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    '*yawn*', I care as a tax payer, this city is strapped for cash, if you like them so much then pay for this shit out of your pocket!

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    do you have a website rick? i would love to read more about your perspective on your own dedicated site.

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    'er', no, sorry!

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    its quick free and easy rick! the demand is there! your fans want to know what makes rick tick!

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    'er', thanks I'll think about it!

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