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Preservation Groups Send HPRB Slates to Gray

We told you last month that there were a bunch of positions coming open on the Historic Preservation Review Board–four that have already expired, and three more this July–and that mayor Vince Gray would have a chance to reward the preservationists who championed his candicacy. In the middle of last month, the Committee of 100 and D.C. Preservation League sent over separate but overlapping lists of who they'd like to see take those spots. Their proposed nominees for the required architect, historian, and citizen categories have extensive resumes, but are somewhat clustered in Capitol Hill and Ward 3, with one person from Ward 1 and another in Brookland, but none from Wards 4, 7, or 8.

If all of Gray's picks come from the following names, you'll know who he's listening to:

Committee of 100:

  • Amy Weinstein, architect with Esocoff & Associates (and wife of Phil). Lives in Cleveland Park.
  • David Bell, senior preservation architect with BELLArchitects. Lives in Capitol Hill.
  • Charles Cassell, HPRB chair 1993-96, founder of D.C. Council of Black Architects, former director of facilities development at the University of the District of Columbia. Lives in Van Ness.
  • Richard Houghton, Project Supervisor at B.F. Saul Co. Lives in Brookland.
  • Rauzia Ally, principal at Scout Motor Company, president of the Dupont Circle Conservancy. Lives in Dupont Circle.
  • Alison Kimball Hoagland, professor emerita of history and historic preservation at Michigan Technical University. Lives in Capitol Hill.
  • Nancy Metzger, chair of the Historic Districts Coalition. Lives in Capitol Hill.
  • Susan Piedmont-Palladino, curator of the National building Museum. Lives in Kalorama.
  • Tania Shand, director of Congressional and Legislative Affairs at the Office of Personnel Management. Lives off U Street.
  • Michael Stevens, director of the Capitol Riverfront Business Improvement District. Lives in Capitol Hill.

D.C. Preservation League:

  • David Bell, Amy Weinstein, and Alison Hoagland
  • Graham Davidson, principal at Hartman Cox Architects. Lives in Van Ness.
  • Alec Bennett, historian with the National Cemetery Association. Lives in Capitol Hill.
  • Carl Ashley, chief historian of declassification and publishing division of the Office of the Historian at the Department of State. Lives in Capitol Hill.
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  • RT

    Probably all raggggiiinnng NIMBYs who oppose anything. Don't do it Gray!

  • Lisa

    The preservation league's letter is posted in their newsletter. Looks like they encourage Gray to use the citizen positions to create diversity from across the city.

    Oh and Lydia - the Architect isn't required - but encouraged since the HPRB technically is a design review board.

  • http://urbanplacesandspaces.blogspot.com Richard Layman

    It's not really accurate to say an architect isn't required.


    DC's planning webpage says this wrt the requirements imposed by the Federal Government so that local governments are certified:

    Under National Park Service regulations (36 CFR Part 61), all Review Board members must have demonstrated competence, interest, or knowledge in historic preservation. A majority of the members must meet the Secretary of the Interior's Professional Qualifications Standards for historic preservation.

    These are the standards:

    and the specified categories: history; archeology; architectural history; architecture; historic architecture.

    The city has aimed to achieve with the composition of the membership of each iteration of the board, at least one member from each of the listed categories.

    Part of the Fenty era debacle over Christopher Landis taking a position that had been held by John Michael Vlach had to do with the fact that this change meant no professional historian would be on the board, and therefore the City would be out of compliance with CLG requirements.

  • Lisa Baker

    Richard - it isn't required. Yes, they have to be certified by the Sec. of Interior standards, but there is no requirement to have an architect on the HPRB from a statute point of view. It's practice, not regulation. Minimum required positions to meet CLG requirements are architectural historian, historian and archaeologist.