Housing Complex

Big Residential Development Coming to Florida off North Cap

Parking lot into residential something.

What timing! Bisnow is reporting that B&B Investments has purchased a warehouse at 50 Florida Avenue NE for "under $10 million," and plans to build housing units totaling some 300,000 square feet within 18 to 24 months. They'll presumably all be market rate, too, which would pour a lot of money into the neighborhood.

Big, big news.

  • Herc

    I am glad to see that Avon is carrying on Stringer's dream. Maybe an Orlando's can go in down there.

  • http://alexblock.net Alex B.

    Where will I get my kegs of beer if they close Metro Ice and Beverage?

  • ice-t

    i don't get my kegs there, but i do often get ice and cases of beer there. maybe i should stock up on my ice.

    while new life on this block is a very welcome addition, why can't we fill some vacant buildings and lots?

    get on that developers!

  • JohnDC

    The beer/ice place closed down at the end of last year. I stocked up on new years even and it was their last day open. It was actually quite amusing, the employees were all a bit drunk.

  • Ralph

    There are a few other large parcels of vacant land near the intersection that could also benefit from redevelopment. Lets hope this is a trend that continues. I'm surprised LAYC didn't try to buy it first!

  • Ace in DC

    Please, please make it mixed use and mixed income. Please, please don't just make it all affordable, low income housing.

  • Amanda Hess

    RIP Metro Ice :(

  • JD

    this would be a big deal if it happens, and esp if it's all market rate. That part of FL Ave/NCap needs more density, and especially residents who are not heavily dependent on social supports, to attract and sustain desirable retail.