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12 Senators Want Solar Decathlon Back on the Mall

My, the Solar Decathletes have been busy. Since we checked in last week, they've gotten 12 U.S. senators–11 Democrats and one independent–to sign a letter asking the Secretaries of the Interior and Energy to put their event back on the National Mall.

"This is only the beginning," promises organizer Elisabeth Neigert.

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  • http://greenpassivesolar.com Keya Lea Horiuchi

    I'm also in support of returning the Solar Decathlon to the National Mall. It is really significant to have beautiful, efficient houses designed and built by some of the brightest, young minds in the nation and world.

    I admit, I was really disappointed to hear that the 2011 Solar Decathlon would be moved to a different venue - with the example that the area needed to be restored. I thought, "How ironic, that a major event such as the Solar Decathlon would be that damaging?" Surely the students teams could help to replant grass and restore the area after the event.

    Solar Decathlon on the National Mall - please.

  • Rick Mangus

    It not going to happen!