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Morning Links: What’s Good?

(Lydia DePillis)

John Wall lives near Verizon Center, has never heard of Dupont Circle. [Post]

But where does he live, exactly? Can you tell? [DCMetrocentric]

I'm betting that folks' definition of what's "unreasonably loud" is going to differ. [GeorgetownDish]

Civic leader flees D.C. for space, safety, schools. [Other35Percent]

Jose Serrano is our homeboy. [DCist]

11th Street pedestrian/bike sidewalk gets wider. [JDLand]

Wheaton infill ain't bad. [GGW]

Traffic cameras work. [Post]

Today on the market: 1355 C Street NE, for almost 400K.

  • JS

    Judging by the view out the window, 3rd St NW just south of Mass Ave. That's 395 and the Douglas Development building in the background.

  • http://www.capitolhillhomeinspection.com DC Home Inspector

    Agreed. He probably overlooks the synagogue and italian church as well.