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Hipster Hate on Columbia Road

Better watch out for those white dudes with sunglasses and cigarettes.

  • Jack

    Here's another favorite, taken mid-August 2010 from the gas station on Harvard Street NW between 11th and Sherman.

  • deeceefooodeee

    Hey Jacky - see we read the same blogs to, eh? Ferr.

  • Bob See

    That's pretty funny. The only thing missing is the parent-funded debit card.

  • ned

    Why is it so publicly acceptable to hate white people?

  • hoooooo

    i've been more offended by the owls i see tagged all over columbia heights. what a negative portrayal of dc's owl population!

  • Rich

    They don't hate white people, they dislike hipsters. There are plenty of white people that have been here for ages that seem to get along fine. Hipsters, on the other hand, are pretentious self-entitled brats that have no appreciation of anything or anyone else.

  • Cap’n Picard

    Hipsters are the Borg. Every neighborhood they take over, loses its uniqueness and look like all the other neighborhoods they take over.

  • AM

    If hipsters try to live in a wealthy white neighborhood they're promoting race/class segregation and if they live in a diverse neighborhood like CH or Petworth they're promoting gentrification. So where exactly are these poor hipsters supposed to live?

  • AM

    And also, WTF even is a hipster? Someone in their 20's who wears tight clothing? Seriously, who gives a shit. If you're going to talk about hipsters in the context of gentrification, face it, you're actually talking about white people. Don't kid yourself.

  • linds

    have you ever thought that people are just living in places they can afford? young people don't have the income to live in more affluent neighborhoods. DC is expensive, guys, and not all white people are rich.

  • http://EdgarEgarcia.tumblr.com Edgar Garcia

    I see Banksy has struck again

  • linds

    also, young people in general are annoying, and those branded as "hipsters" are usually just young, so let's all get along and just be annoyed at the general population of young people. they are loud and don't know how to take care of things.

  • linds

    one more thought, we should be blaming businesses more than people. people move to places they can afford, businesses see a shift in culture and capitalize on the demographic. with business comes higher cost of living, a more populated, popular area, pushing the lower-income households/individuals further away from the city-center (and yes, that includes all young people trying to afford their own housing). without the businesses moving there, these neighborhoods wouldn't change.

  • hater

    So...we need less businesses and if a neighborhood is crappy/lower-income it should stay that way. Gotcha.

  • linds

    no, i was pointing out that business lead to higher costs of living in DC, i'm not supporting the decay of communities

  • whostheboss

    Hmm, maybe things like this help lead to the increase in random black-on-white and black-on-gay violence?

  • Bisexual Vampire

    Whostheboss, do you mean black-on-white gay violence? I suspect the hipsters people are referring to are gay white males. Many of them walk around with their gym bodies and good looks thinking, the world owes them or they are God's gift to the world. I don't see gay black men conducting themselves in this manner in DC. For the record, I am a gay white European man living with my black partner in Adams Morgan.

  • old hippie

    It is a problem. I would have been happy to be the last white person moving into my neighborhood in those few years before it became popular among middle class white people but I know that me moving there helped bring other middle class folks there.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    I am white and 47 years old. Does this make me a hipster? I live in Ward 3 though.

  • ned

    I am a white man and I love hating white people more than anybody.

    It is a past-time of mine that I use at every opportunity. Makes me feel good and horrible at the same time.

    I hate white people coming to my neighborhood because they are like reflections - and it is painfully so terrible and satisfying at the same time.

    I am pathetic.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    @Ned; are you off your meds? LOL LOL

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