Housing Complex

Morning Links: Choices, Choices


Say it again: The case for D.C. streetcars. [CityFix]

Would a Gabe Klein type have been hired in the Gray administration? Signs point to no. [GGW]

Anacostia Economic Development Corporation buys supermarket. [AnacostiaNow]

More apartments coming to near Southeast. [SWLQTC]

Case of the disappearing call boxes. [ParkViewDC]

Oh hello there! [Twitter]

Urban renewal from the sky is heartbreaking. [BeyondDC]

Ex-DHCD head gets important title. [RealEstateErama]

Super-awk video inside Vince Gray's office (and more dignified photoessay) [Post, Post]

Today on the market: A red house.

  • http://distcurm.blogspot.com/ IMGoph

    hmmmm....the apartments aren't in "Near Southeast," but they're near Southeast. you're tricky with those words there, lydia!