Housing Complex

Help! What Should This Blog Be Named?

So we're about to launch a redesign of this pretty-in-pink website, and I've been told to take the opportunity to think about whether I want to replace the name Housing Complex, which I inherited from a former caretaker. After all, this blog isn't just about housing anymore–it's about pretty much everything having to do with urban space, from labor unions to interior decorating to water pollution.

Problem is, I'm not that clever about naming things. If I can't come up with a really good replacement–that is, something specific to D.C. that also reflects my subject matter–I'd rather stick with the current moniker, outmoded as it is. If anybody out there has brilliant ideas, please please send them my way, either in the comments, by email, or in the handy TIPS box to the right.

If I choose your suggestion, I'll think of some really excellent prize. (I'd say I'll take you to lunch, but I'm not sure the pleasure of my company is such a huge incentive).

  • Chris Shott

    DeMorning DePillis?

  • Andrew Peck

    How about Urban Space?

  • J

    I personally like Housing Complex! No need to change a decent name!

  • Lydia DePillis

    Funny, Shott.

  • dan


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  • Sarah Godfrey

    Don't gentrify your column's name! Spruce it up too much and you risk being displaced by a wealthier but less colorful writer who will only use this space to write about lofts and Eames chairs and shit. Keep Housing Complex!

  • Leroy

    how about "im really an activist posing as a journalist."

    or "empower dc.com"

    or "facts escape me so ill just call it a blog."

  • HillChris

    "Waste of Space?"