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Morning Links: Metrics

(Lydia DePillis)

Feds building to LEED Gold. [Costar]

What Tommy Would Do on the deficit. [DCist]

Transit ridership up. [Post]

Resolved: Street gaps are scary. [CCCA]

Too bad this will happen before new parking regs kick in. [GGW]

L'Enfant Promenade goes upscale. [SWLQTC]

The stupidity of lists. [NextAmericanCity]

I still don't understand how Ward 1 could have shrunk in population. [GGW]

Today on the market: Allison Street off 15th Street NW.

  • Eric

    I guarantee you Ward 1's population hasn't declined. The Census Bureau estimates are just that--estimates. They cannot accurately estimate down to this small of an area without some foibles.