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Walmart Moves on New York, Ward 4 Marches on Foulger-Pratt

Walmart's mounting a new offensive to gain entrance to New York City, but the stealth strategy won't work there like in did in  Washington D.C. The company has been nosing around New York for years now, only to be defeated by unions and skeptical politicians–but this time, it doesn't intend to be denied, coming with its fresh veggies and 30,000-square-foot "neighborhood format" stores and getting the construction unions on board before going through public hearings next month.

Meanwhile, "a group of residents" is throwing up some opposition to the Ward 4 Walmart as well, in the form of a march this Thursday on Foulger-Pratt developer Dick Knapp's house in Woodley Park (easier than getting to Bentonville). A more moderate-sounding group calling itself Ward Four Thrives has surfaced as well.

I'm not putting their odds of success that high, but at least the appearance of a battle is better than nothing.

  • Bob See

    Meanwhile, tons of DC residents continue to shop in MD Walmarts. Keepin' it Real!

  • Indeed

    I'd like some documentation that "tons of DC residents continue to shop in MD Walmarts."

  • Rick Mangus

    Your typical professional malcontents who are backed by the crooked unions, like UFCW Local 400 and anti-business socialist groups. The majority of these people don't live in Ward 4 or even in this city, just like the morons who camped out in that lot in Shaw this past summer. These people don't care that Georgia Avenue is a waste land and that Walmart will bring much needed tax revenue to this city and would spur a revitalization to the area, that METRO hasn't even done. Take a good look the REAL citizens of Ward 4 and see who is the man behind the curtain on this group!

  • Autumn

    I live in DC and have for almost 14 years and I shop in the Walmarts in MD and VA. I have no choice, because there is no Walmart in DC. Every 4-6 weeks, my husband and I reserve a Zipcar and drive out of DC to do a big shop at Walmart for non-perishables. We can get larger sized versions of the food items we use frequently at better prices than we can at the super markets in DC.

    I welcome Walmart in DC.

  • Bob See


    From an email communique (this is rudimentary, dated 12-05...I seem to recall more refined data points somewhere, but can't find it now)

    "Mr. Morris explained some of the reasoning behind Walmart targeting the Georgia Ave location. According to Walmart data, $42 million (I'm not sure if this is per year) went to nearby Walmart centers outside of DC. Walmart estimates a great deal of this is traffic coming from inside DC going out to these other Walmarts."

    Here's another kicker:

    "A total of 600 DC residents work in outside DC Walmart centers."

    I go out to PG to shop when I need to, as there isn't anywhere to go locally, and I see a good number of DC plates parked at the big boxes.

    PS: McDonald's is right across the street from the site. They're good folks with good eats, I take it...


    Entry level jobs are needed in this city and as a taxpayer here, I favor bringing retailers like Walmart here. Jobs are needed not unions and left wing flame throwers.

  • Will Washington

    I live in Ward 4 and on the block Walmart is looking open up on. I will protest against it. I do not want to live next to a Walmart. The Georgia Ave traffic is already a bottle neck and there is no metro station near by. It's a bad idea for a location. With limited parking, why would someone welcome the headaches, like traffic and loss of small businesses to their neighborhood? Ever driven down 14th street through Columbia Heights? Also, the cost is too high for cheap Chinese merchandise, I like higher quality or at least American made goods. Walmart is not good for Ward 4, the facts show Walmart is bad for the communities they are in. Google it.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    I support Wal-Mart coming into DC. It's liberal whites and other idiots that don't want Wal-Mart to come in.


    Rick Mangus, thank you for you comment and being on point. I am sick of some residents in Ward 4 complaining about Wal-Mart coming to Missouri % Georgia Avenues, NW. The Safeway located at Georgia Avenue, NW and Piney Branch Road, NW is crappy and the customer service is horrible. I prefer to drive to the new Safeway in Georgetown. I would rather see a big box store like Wal-Mart being built at this location. I shop at the Wal-Marts in Maryland and I see many cars with DC tags parked in the parking lot. I was at the Wegmans in Lanham, Maryland on Saturday and I counted 10 cars with DC tags in the parking lot.

  • Adam

    Ward 4 resident here. What happens if these folks are successful in blocking Wal-Mart and that property languishes for another 10 years as an eye-sore? I guess we will have denied Ward 4 residents a rare opportunity to be able to purchase fresh produce. Oh well, they can just continue to eat junk food from corner stores while we pine for that Trader Joes or Wegman's that will NOT be coming to our neighborhood. How "progressive"!

  • Rick Mangus

    'Will Washington', I guess you would rather live around empty and dilapidated buildings, crack whores, drug sales and crime. You are the problem and not the solution, you are an obstructionist!


    Jon Bon Jovi, I love your music. I can get your latest CD at a cheaper price. If I were to find a small business on Georgia Avenue, NW outside of a Liquor store and fast food place, I would pay maybe $18.00 bucks for you music Jon Bon Jovi. LOL LOL Jon Bon Jovi, your music rocks.

    Ward 4



    Jon Bon Jovi, I love your music. I can purchase your latest CD at a cheaper price at Wal-Mart. I wouldn't be able to do this at these ghetto establishments on Georgia Avenue, NW. Not only that, the customer service is horrible in these small business will glass up against a wall like your shopping at a prison facility.

  • BannersUp

    So long as Wal-Mart contribute to neighborhood bannerfication they will have my vote. Tax evenues generated by Wal-Mart could be used to fund bannering all over the city.

  • Ward 4 parent

    We just can't accept Walmart because we are desperate for a business to fill that site on Georgia Ave or because we want cheap goods. How low are we willing to go? Is this a race to the bottom?

    The reality is that Walmart is a company where profit supersedes everything, even human dignity. There is a class action lawsuit currently being heard in front of the Supreme Court right now because of their history of violating the law and cheating out their employees. They take advantage of people and communities who are desperate.

    So please let's stop pretending that that they don't screw over their employees, accept products from child labor and actually do more harm than good for the communities where they reside.

    If you want Walmart in DC than you should admit that you think these realities are acceptable. I certainly don't.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Ward 4 parent', who has been filling you're head with that crap, the crooked unions or the socialist, so-called community activist who don't live in Ward 4? Majority of the TRUE RESIDENCE of Ward 4 want this, not a bunch of run-down buildings and crime!

  • Mike Wilson

    I am a community activist and resident of Ward 4, just down Georgia Ave from the proposed Walmart. I won't make the claim that the majority of Ward 4 doesn't want Walmart because I haven't talked to everyone in Ward 4, I don't think Rick Mangus has either.

    I don't want Walmart and have been involved in some meetings with other Ward 4 residents who don't want it either. Some of them are community activists, some of them are looking to become community activists to fight Walmart. A few of them are not from Ward 4, but I have talked to all of them, and the vast majority are. The ones not from Ward 4 have a concern about Walmarts presence in DC, and I'm not going to tell them they can't participate because they live too far away, that seems silly.

    There are lots of reasons people don't want Walmart here, some of it is because of the way they treat their employees, for others it is the way they treat their suppliers, for others it is the negative effect they are likely to have on the neighborhood in terms of driving away other businesses and causing traffic and other problems.

    Foulger-Pratt is trying to tell Ward 4 that it is this Walmart or nothing, but they don't want to have that site sit vacant anymore either. It is in their interest to fill it with something, Walmart is easy for them now, but if we make it hard for them and work on creating an inclusive process for the community to decide what kind of development we would actually like there, we can probably come up with something that will work for everyone.

  • DC John

    Why don't these Ward 4 people move to Georgetown where being against anything and everything seems to work!

  • Skipper

    So many supposed Ward 4 residents who hate Walmart and use the same talking points...

  • EP Sato

    I live in Ward 2 and love that Target's finally in DC. Where could I buy toys for my kid, lightbulbs, video games and other needs before? In VA or MD. Just because I hit up Target doesn't mean that I stopped shopping at my local neighborhood hardware stores for immediate needs.

    Same thing with Wal Mart. Ward 4's too far to hit up a big box store for daily needs, but it'll be nice to have that option.

  • imnotleavingdc

    I don't have a problem with Walmart coming in, but putting it in that particular location will make for horrific travel bottlenecks. I live in Ward 5 and travel through that area quite often; it's already a nightmare at rush hour. It's an awkward intersection at best, and putting a big box store there will only make it that much worse. The Safeway at Georgia and Piney Branch is a great location for a "neighborhood Walmart" -- and since it's pretty crappy anyway, why not get rid of it and put the Walmart there? Of course, I doubt that that will ever happen -- but it would make far more sense than putting Walmart on that corner. And we don't even wanna talk about how inconvenienced the residents in that block of apartments and co-ops will be ...

  • Anti-NIMBY

    I live in Ward 2, and I travel to PG and Va to shop at Wal-Mart on occasion. The new Wal-Mart on Route 1 just outside the Beltway in Virginia has a very, very large grocery and produce selection and may be somewhat of a prototype for what we'll city in DC.

    I'm tired of you damned NIMBY's who constantly demand city services but oppose stores and restaurants and night spots in your neighborhoods that might pay the taxes for the services you yell about. You always want something for nothing, and you cry like Nancy Kerrigan when you don't get it.

    Oh, and let's not forget the lefties who slam Mickey D's because ghetto kids have such a horrifying rate of obesity, but who still oppose a Wal-Mart that will supply fresher fruits and vegetables than current options, and at lower prices. Keep on blaming the Hamburger Clown, but, whatever you do, don't look in the mirror.

  • SuperS

    Please don't let the few and I mean few Ward 4 residents who don't ever want any economic deveopment to come to Ward 4 ruin the majority of Ward 4's chances to get a Walmart. Besides the children that live in
    Ward 4 can work in Walmart in the summer and learn some work ethic, before they go to a higher learning institution.

  • Slimgoody

    Yay @Ward 4 Parent! You should be protest Walmart for their treatment of people. Cheapest is not always best.

  • Liz Rose Jerome

    I live in Ward 4 and I would love for Walmart to come. I go to Target all the time. I think a little competition is a good thing. And really the neighborhood could use the tax base boost. Plus we could use the jobs. Obviously the neighbors are right to make sure there is enough parking and we should ask for Walmart to hire local, DC employees. But with those conditions, I'd love to see Walmart come to Ward 4.
    Liz Rose Jerome
    Rittenhouse Street
    Ward 4

  • Bob See

    @ Mike Wilson: "I am a community activist and resident of Ward 4, just down Georgia Ave from the proposed Walmart. I won't make the claim that the majority of Ward 4 doesn't want Walmart because I haven't talked to everyone in Ward 4"

    Funny how you have time for vocal fist-shaking and garnering support for your cause, but little time for actual polling.

    @Slimgoody "You should be protest Walmart for their treatment of people."

    Don't forget "caring" about the local independent businesses that they don't actually patron, and spouting worker-benefit diatribes from their "hecho en china" computers.

  • Bob See

    I guess no one gives a damn about that car barn anymore either. That was last year's cause...

  • etta

    I am a District resident that shops at the Wal Mart in MD and VA, NJ. I would like to spent my dollars in DC. If the people who oppose the stores can get another store to come to DC I would support them. We need a store and movies where we can watch and have some where to park.If they come we should make sure they pay a living wage and decent working conditions.This would provide entry level jobs for the chronically unemployed and TANF families that need job experience. Make it a postitive not a negative. We need store that are affortable for the community.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Mike Wilson', great talking points did you study them from the union anti-Walmart book! You sir are an obstructionist, hell bent on being a foolish little puppet performing for your handelers, so what are they giving you to dance and be a sell-out to Ward 4?

  • Virginia

    I am a resident and homeowner in Ward 4 near the proposed Wal Mart. I'm pro economic development, retail, and jobs for our neighborhood. It's for these reasons that I'm against Wal Mart moving into the neighborhood where I hope to live the rest of my life.

    I'd encourage folks to check out this study of when Wal Mart moved into urban Chicago, and the havoc it wrecked in the surrounding areas (82 closed businesses, 300 lost full time jobs, and zero increase in sales tax revenue)

    I'd like to see some community-led development, where we can agree to find businesses that create family supporting jobs, just employment practices, and improve the neighborhood. Everyone commenting seems to agree we need something better than an empty lot, so let's find something better than a Wal Mart.

    As for Mike Wilson's comments- I've seen a lot of talking points in my day, and I'd say Mr. Wilson was relating his experience pretty directly instead of sticking to what would have been more precisely crafted talking points.

    Mr. Mangus, on the other hand, may or may not be in the pocket of either Wal Mart or Foulger Pratt....

  • Virginia
  • Bob See
  • Mike Wilson

    @Bob See, yep it is really weird that 3 weeks after Walmart announced they are coming I haven't had the time or resources to poll all Ward 4 residents. That must mean I don't care what they think. So weird.

    Actually though, at the last meeting we had, we did get a couple people to volunteer to work on creating a survey we can start to use to gauge where Ward 4 residents are at on the issue. So, yeah, we are working on that, but don't really have the resources to just go hire a polling firm or something. Sorry? I mean, I'm sure when we come out with the results of our survey no one will call it biased, and that if I had polled Ward 4 residents already you wouldn't find some reason to question my findings if they ended up not supporting your assumptions.

    @Richard Mangus, not really sure why you felt the need to put my name in quotes. A lot of unions do have anti-Walmart talking points, and I have read some of them, so thanks I guess? I'm not really sure what your point is, because I agree with unions and others that Walmart treats their workers poorly I am their puppet? Because a bunch of people who don't want this Walmart built have similar reasons for not wanting it built they must be reading off the talking points of some supposedly evil union? Does that mean that all the folks posting comments in favor of Walmart are the puppets of Walmart? Reading off of the Walmart prepared talking points about "jobs" and "economic development" and "ghetto businesses"?

    I have lots of reasons for opposing this Walmart, some people share my concerns, some people have other concerns, some people are fine with it being built, I'm not going to assume that people who don't share my views on this are the puppet of someone else without any evidence pointing that way. But I'll still disagree with them and argue that this Walmart will be destructive to my community. That is what I believe, and that is what I think the evidence of Walmarts in other communities points to.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    Oh what a bitter world and bitter people. If I were to open a Fish sandwich establishment, some of you bitter unhappy people would be against it. This area of Ward 4 has been plagued with drugs/violence and it's right next door to the 4th District police station. It's the ghetto and racist who would prefer Wal-Mart not moving to this location. Get a life, welcome Wal-Mart into Ward 4 and move on with your worthless life's.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Mike Wilson, Virginia and last Bob See', Center for American Progress can't get anymore lefty and anti-business than that! The picture is very clear where you three stooges are coming from and who you all work for!

  • Bob See

    ^My point on linking that article (it just happened to be the first one I came across in a search) was to show the Chicago Study re Walmart was potentially skewed, seeing as the economy hit the ditch back then. Are you disputing this because you don't like the source?

    I don't give a rat's ass about being "left" and "right' btw, so spare us all the paranoid accusations.

  • Grace Jones

    Check out this blog created by a few losers in Ward 4.


    Slave To The Rhythm and Pull Up To The Bumper Baby.

  • Rick Mangus

    'Bob See', YES!

  • Rick Mangus

    TO THE REAL CITIZENS OF WARD 4, you all need to get a united front to combat these carpetbaggers who are stooges for the unions, who are directing this opposition to improve you're community by telling Bogyman stories and lies!

  • Mick

    If you think Wal-Mart brings tax revenue and jobs to a community, you would also drink the Kool-Aid offered by the nice bearded man in the white robe on the street corner. Truth of the matter is that WM often demands serious tax breaks to even open a store to lure communities into letting them gobble up acres of land and subverting any local business, thus generating little net tax revenue because of the years of tax breaks they often require. As far as jobs go...39 hours a week, no benefits and a seriously thuggish response to any whiff of unionizing workers. Also, as soon as their tax breaks are up in 10-15 years after opening, don't be too surprised if they skip town to find someone else to swindle.

  • Ben

    It is bad idea to have walmart in the busy intersection of Georgia Ave & Missouri Ave. Can you imagine what a nightmare it will be with walmart.

  • http://toothbrushreviews2.jimdo.com/ Deborah

    I concur, for the most part, but don't you feel as if the issue is more complex than that?